A new member on Quest

Hello, very happy morning everyone, I hope you are well, I am a new user who has decided to use this program, since, I really am interested in creating what are games, more than anything interactive, and what better way to start this than with the old known method of the 80's, for which, I am more than happy to be part of this community full of great content creators and that in turn, I can get along with each one of you, by the way, I am not only speaking English, I also know what the Spanish language is, and therefore, I hope to be able to work with someone on an idea or learn more about how many more things can be done using this program.

That is all I have wanted to say so far, it is not very long, but at least I know why I have preferred to join this site and as an introduction it is enough and enough (for the moment), so, I wish you all you guys have a happy rest, and may everything go more than well in your lives.

Kind of.

Oh! Sorry for the loooong time to reply, but be welcome. This is a very strong community and everyone here is very helpful, sharing knowledge and supporting one each other on cracking game design problems.

Welcome and good luck!

Welcome as a new member myself!

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