Not Secure Freaking Out Visitors to Games...

TexAdventures site seemingly does not use SSL and therefore the Not Secure in bold Red type shows up in the URL bar when connected to TextAdventures.

This is offputting to potential players of a game.

Any chance that TextAdventures will "up their game" and add a level of security to the website?

I have a self hosted , stand alone site and had to add SSL package at my hosting site in order to continue to attract visitors. They would see that Not Secure flag and bail out.

Agree. I had to do it for my small site. I can't understand (especially with ad revenue) why they wouldn't.

I put off upgrading my site for ages, but eventually sat down with the manuals and built my own certbot plugin (due to nonstandard server setup). Still only took a couple of hours to set up, and costs nothing.

If you're running the site on a common server with common setup, I can see no reason not to get a certificate. Especially given the announcement that Chrome will stop allowing file downloads from insecure sites at the end of the year.

The site has both SSL and not.

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