Adding loop counts and action counting in your game.

I had an idea where if the player did the exact same run a few times that the game would see this(by counting) and would then change it up a bit.

In the example lets say the player only plays three rooms and then dies. The actions that got him there was

fight, run, left, fight, fight, death, restart. He does this several time. In most cases players would try another approach to see if they could get a more favorable ending, but what if they tried it say 5 times in a row? We could then surprise the player and change the last screen to something else and make it so the player found a secret ending or a new way around the issue.

In the example above the player died at that spot and the game asked if they would like to restart. Instead of having them restart, it then says. continue. Maybe someone came by and patched him/her up and the adventure continues, or maybe he becomes the thing that killed him, like a vampire, zombie, or werewolf.

I believe this would add new life to a game that at first seems completely scripted, which it still is, but having the player think they found out something new that others have not. This in turn makes them want to explore other options, see the game under a new light. Check every option to see if there are other gems hiding under each link.

I have an ambitious project I am working on and these kind of ideas are driving me to make something beyond the traditional text adventure game. my goal is to expand the genre and make something along the lines of a STAG, (strategy text adventure game) I want there to be things that feel common with the majority of the text adventure games. But I also want to add probabilities, and means to increase chances and make it so the player is aware of there surroundings. I am building a text based battle system right now in the hopes to make the game feel more alive to the player to make them feel that there choices are unique each play threw.

besides loop counting I was also thinking about action counting, as in how many links they clicked. you could make a time system and make it so to complete certain tasks you have to do it during certain in game house. a javascript should be able to handle that. We could say every click is 5 minutes and that to say, go to the bakery, you need to be there between 10am to 6pm.

I think loop counting and action counting is a start. has anyone else tried these in there works?

Not exactly loop or action counting, but working with random events. In my game you can stand at a street and random generated cars pass you. And with a random chance one of this car is a special one. And one of these special cars is a special special car which helps you to get a bonus.

Definitely a cool and novel idea that I like.

Easter eggs / secrets, aren't anything new, but never seen this type of idea before, where after repeating the same action a certain amount of times you get some other outcome, except on a very limited scale (for example, in this one old game, you get 3 tries to accomplish a task, but if you fail the 3rd time, you automatically complete/progress past that task --- which was a good thing as the task was/involved button mashing/speed, lol)

definitely would be a hard easter-egg / secret, to find, as it's not expected (very novel idea!), except if the count is too low, it can be found on accident frequently. Though, having too high a count and/or doing it too often, can be quite annoying too... having to do the same stuff X times over and over again... will get really irritating to/for players really fast.

Ambition is good... but... does your coding and game-making/game-designing ability back it up?

I constantly find myself lacking in these... halting my (TES-RPG-level) ambition to a standstill... lol (I'm still working on character creation).

Reminds me of Undertale. It only has 27 canon endings, 28-29 if you count "Hardcore mode." But it does have extra dialogue things at the end, kind of like what you're saying. And let's not mention the Undertale demo, the extra Toby room, the 'glitch' ending, and the speed run endings...

Also Pokémon Battle Revolution (Wii) would lower the difficulty for a battle (rental, possibly regular too), each time you lost.

I'm thinking it would be pretty neat to record the number of times the player gets a 'Game Over' in each room, and then give a little bonus in the room with the highest number (or in each room with 4+). And not too hard to code, either :D

If Quest had a GOOD file read/ file save mode, it could record your progress on different things and make adjustment to that.
But, randomizing events make for a very good re-playable game. Games where the player only has one path to success, and every play through gets then further along because they learn all the death traps as they go make for a bit of a boring game.
But, if opening the left door is an instant kill in one play through, but it is the "right" door the next time is a bit unfair... there would need to be some clue to there the "kills" are at...
Like:" You start to open the left door, but notice it feels rather warm... too warm in fact..."
You are telling the player there is a fire on the other side... but if they want to open the door anyway... oh, well...
My Wumpus games are example of random maps ... but not so much for random events... (But I've got others in the works...)

I'm thinking it would be pretty neat to record the number of times the player gets a 'Game Over' in each room, and then give a little bonus in the room with the highest number (or in each room with 4+). And not too hard to code, either :D

How would you pull this off?

Would you still actually use the finish script? Or just fake an ending (by removing all links and the command bar)?

Is there something easier than Pixie's Save/Load system?

In the example above the player died at that spot and the game asked if they would like to restart.

Same question here. You mean this would be a fake ending, correct?

(I've been trying to figure out how to create a RESTART command that works in the desktop player.)

How would you pull this off?

I'd think of putting some kind of record in a localStorage or cookie before triggering a normal finish. Then you can use that to modify the game on future attempts. Not sure if that would work with the desktop version though.

I will construct a prototype here soon.

I do like all the feedback thanks!

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