Food and Drink

example.How do I count the amount of whiskeys drunk ,then print a message to say "that's enough".
same with chocolates etc

Are you using Quest?

Yes .i want to keep track of how many whiskeys.When reaching "x " amount text should read something like "your'e too drunk to continue ,take a rest" or "the bottle is empty"

This is for the web version of Quest. The desktop/computer version is similar, but you can change it.

Putting a variable as "x" does not work unless it's a stringlist or dictionary or something like that. Don't ask me why.

Here's the code.

Put this in the game -> script -> start script

game.x = 4

Put this anywhere there is code. The room description is the simplest, but I'm lazy.

if (game.x > 4) {
  msg ("You're too drunk to continue, take a rest.")
else if (game.x > 2 and game.x < 5) {
  msg ("You have enough.")
else if (game.x = 2) {
  msg ("There is half of it left.")
else if (game.x = 1) {
  msg ("There is a little bit of it left.")
else {
  msg ("The bottle is empty.")

These are some pictures I took. These should show how I did it.


Thanks for sharing this knowledgeable info.

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