On Behalf of (Some) Americans


I want everyone to know that there are many Americans who are not habitually dishonest, cruel, and inhumane.

There are many us who are truthful and compassionate, who are actually aware of historical events, and who are not only aware of scientific facts, but also accept those facts.

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No need to censor yourself here, HK.

I was worried about my own post, as I have a unique outlook on things, different than most people, and can't write/express my thoughts well, and thus they often come off offending both sides, and so, now that I'm much older, I try harder to stay away from getting involved in these discussions, though it's hard as I do like them, sighs, but often they get too heated, due to the passions on each side, of our ever-growing opposing warring hyper political partisan ship, sighs.

Your posts are fine, I'm just never able to present my ideas and thoughts well on these types of topics/discussions, I'm not good at writing good posts that everyone enjoys and likes, quite the opposite, I usually make everyone mad at me from my unique and different outlook of things, in my posts, lol. HK has always gotten an 'F' grade in ethos, pathos, etc... (great link, but I'll always suck at it, lol).

I had this incredible ambassador for a teacher for one of my politics/political classes at JC back when I was still young, he was an ambassador to morocco, had survived many assassination attempts (that's so fkn crazy!), and was literally the smartest person I have ever encountered, and this is how he defined politics:

~ "Politics: the, part science, part art, of getting many people to agree with you and/or to do what you want"

(lots of people can get a few people to agree and/or do what you want, through various means, but to get MANY people to agree and/or do what you want, that's politics and being a masterful politician --- think of Star Wars with Palpatine/Darth-Sidious)

ah, okay: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_United_States_Senators_expelled_or_censured

the legislater can't impeach the legislater, but they have their own rules, and get remove/expel their own

and they're immune from arrest (of non-felonies only) for the most part while: within the legislater, arriving, and leaving

still not sure if they can be arrested/criminally-prosecuted while in office / serving ... hmm... got to read/search more...


ah, okay, they have no immunity from arrest/criminal-prosecution (felonies), they do NOT need to be expelled from office first by their peers

I hear you, KV.





There have been many genocides throughout history. The mongols, the Russians in the past, from 1000 to 1800 years (cannot pin down an exact date), Syria in general, multiple times in the bible, all the Native Americans (except maybe the Inuits, I will have to Google that). But the only genocide we hear about is the Holocaust and crap. Not much to do with this post, I was just holding onto this information and I needed to release it somewhere.




"What unites us is much deeper and more meaningful than any differences which might exist."
- R. Reagan at the 1982 NATO Summit

If the KV from the eighties could see me quoting Reagan, the eighties version of me would be thoroughly confused.

Yeah, but f*** Reagan.

Trump says stuff like that too. F*** him.


When has he ever said anything that sounded anything like that?

I mean Trump uses vague speech to try to unite people. Supposedly. What else do you think he's trying to say?

Just listen to him. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=XZn8tFbISpo

Also Trump's Orlando shooting speech

(Trump actually said LGBT, gay and lesbian, and sexual orientation instead of homosexual or some slur. I do not know what to think of it. People are people, they are diverse creatures.)

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There have been many genocides throughout history. The mongols, the Russians in the past, from 1000 to 1800 years (cannot pin down an exact date), Syria in general, multiple times in the bible, all the Native Americans (except maybe the Inuits, I will have to Google that). But the only genocide we hear about is the Holocaust and crap. Not much to do with this post, I was just holding onto this information and I needed to release it somewhere (jmnevil54)

(A history buff's/nerd's sad/disappointed/frustrated ranting at how ignorant people, especially americans, are of history, warning below, lol)

indeed, people are completely ignorant of history, sighs. When all you fkn teach is holocaust and african slavery, that's all your fkn people know.

everyone has been enslaved if you actually know anything of history, but people don't. every fkn country/people has been formed from the ashes of a destroyed country/people, if you know anything of history, but people don't. war, genocide, and slavery is 99% of history, if you know anything of history, but people don't.

all of whites (europe) was brutally enslaved by romans, those damned "barbarians" (non-romans) for just as long as african slavery (those damned "niggers": non-whites, specifically africans), the same with arabs/middle-east (those damned "infidels": non-muslims), asians (china-japan and SE asia) has been brutally enslaving people as well, africans rounded up africans and sold them as slaves to whites, african's being african slave traders, just as whites were african slave traders, back within america. Not to mention that as bad as slavery was in the US (and some of it was very bad, and some of it not that bad), it was a thousand times worse in central american (carribean islands) and south america, but you'll never get taught about that, sighs. Meso-america were absolutely brutal upon other meso-americas, long before columbus/europeans ever came to the americas. North american Native americans were brutal on other north native americans (there's lots of "warrior" tribes, which means there was lots of brutality by them upon themselves, long before columbus and europeans), few know of pol pot sadly ("vietnam war was wrong/evil"... ya, and as soon as we/US left, the mass genocide began by them upon themselves --- we never teach about what happened AFTER vietnam war, after we fkn left... sighs. So much fkn ignorance, most americans are the fkn dumbest moron most ignorant retards in the entire world, as we don't teach them anything, the stupid can only teach more stupid), "using nukes on japan was wrong" (no one is being taught at how brutal and attrocius the japanese were, just ask china, and look up the "rape of nanking", and the "island fighting", and their "treatment of pows", and etc (The faster a war ends, the better --- the problem with nukes and/or nuclear-power-plants-and-meltdown-risk is radiation, permanently destroying that part of our planet be it from explosion or as nuclear waste landfills, not the death, lol. We shouldn't have used nukes, should have used convention bombs, but bombing japan was the right choice, just not with using nukes to do it --- but then again --- it likely was only nukes that could have worked as they did on japan, using conventional bombs probably wouldn't have ended the war --- but in terms of damage to what matters, our planet, we shouldn't have used nukes, sighs. Can the US please stop NK from using nukes... nope... but no one cares about the damage NK has been doing up until recently to our planet, sighs. Nukes and nuclear power plants should never be used/made anymore, no "testing", nothing! Yet, we got all the nuclear power plants all over europe, HK wishes they'd melt down, destroying europe, so they learn, though that would ruin that part of our planet, but that's the only way stupid europeans will learn: THE ONLY POLLUTION TO EARTH IS RADIATION, when will Japan have its "miracle", radiation "scrubbers", nanomachines that physical change the atoms, and thus eliminating the radiation, lol. Hurry up real world faster, to the thus far amazingly on-track predicted world within Ghost in the Shell, lol), SE asia has incredible brutality and enslaving (there's a reason why so many martial arts come from SE asia, lol), lots of warrior cultures, wars/brutality there, long before the europeans came, and etc etc etc

(if you want to understand the brutal and slavery that took place in SE asia, watch these awesome martial arts movies: Ong Bak 1-3, here's an example of the brutal slavery occuring in thailand, long before the spanish ever came to SE asia: WARNING this is violent movie and a disturbing portrayal of slavery: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o6k6UerIOb4 , again, everyone has been brutally enslaved around the world, equally, everyone has been brutally enslaved and as long as, africans have been slaved, sighs. But, we got retards who don't know anything of history, only teaching us of african slavery, as if it's the only slavery that has ever occured, and/or as the longest slavery that has ever occurred, both of which are flat out completely inaccurate). There's more ethnicities of peoples than just fkn "whites and blacks", but that's all america knows... completely ignorant of the world and history.

(nigger, barbarian, infidel, etc, are all "not-us/outsider" terms, "us vs them", which is just rankism/pride, the root of all '-isms': racism, sexism, etc-etc-etc: "I/we are better/superior than you/them!")

war, genocide, slavery, etc is universal human behavior, but no one is taught that, people (well, US/americans at least, anyways) are only taught of only 2 examples of it: holocaust and african slavery.

in the last century/millenium, genocide was horrible, people cared about it, now it's completely insignificant, no one cares about genocide, anymore. Genocide is so rampant now, and the world/humanity in this new milenium is completely de-sensitized to it.

No one cares anymore, so much violence, murder, hatred, genocide, and we completely don't care at all anymore about any of it.

Seriously, this behaviorism, is like we went back to the dark ages, medieval europe, as our attitudes are the same, we just don't care about any of the rampant brutality and attrocities taking place all over the world, anymore. Welcome to the new Dark Ages of which is the new milenium! How long will this new medieval dark age world last? 2500 AD, 3000 AD, 2100 AD, 5000 AD, hmm...?

though... don't diss the mongols (and russians too! Russians are actually really cool... but that's blasphemy right now, in our current political phase of dumb-fkry / stupidity. HK highly respects russians, as the US/americans and russia/russians actually have so much in common with each other, sighs), and don't get me going on the mongols... HK LOVES mongols. (Oh, they were brutal... not disputing that, but that brutality and force conquered the fkn world in less than 200 years, what the mongols had achieved, was literally super-human, and will never be matched ever again, the US doesn't even come close to the mongols, lol)

(RUSSIA AND RUSSIANS ARE AWESOME! the US media are retarded morons, who don't know a damned thing about anything)

(Everyone's heard of Napolean, but there was someone even more incredible during the exact same time: Alexander V. Suvorov, and amusingly, despite being WW2 with Zhukov leading the russians to victory against hitler, saving the world from the nazis, yes, the russians did that, NOT the US, Stalin congratulated a fkn long dead person who had nothing to do with ww2, lol: Alexander V. Suvorov, and not Zhukov who lead them and world to victory against hitler and the nazis, lol. Ya, Stalin was a bit crazy, lol. Look up Alexander V. Suvorov, he's fkn incredible! Pfft, Napolean... is a nobody, had Alexander V. Suvorov met Napolean, he'd have pwned him)

(if you want to know everything we are able to know of the mongols, as they didn't have a written history/documents like europe/asia-china-japan has/had, here's a resource of everything we've been able to know of them: http://www.coldsiberia.org )

(The mongols are the greatest force that humanity has ever known, and so amazing too... people are so completely ignorant of them, "mongold horde", haha, actually they were always fewer in forces, yet still won and won and won, hehe)

(I could go on and on and on forever... at how fkn stupid/ignorant people are of history... sighs)


Papa John just had to step down from his own company for using that word.


Does anyone else agree with HK that Russians are really cool?

I know one Russian personally. He’s pretty cool. Rumor has it, he was the Russian equivalent of what Americans call the Army Rangers. Played soccer with him. Fine American now as far as I can tell. Holds a job as a branch manager at a local factory. Plus his son, in all honesty, after a soccer game while his dad and I were having beers asked me if I was Tony Stark. I wish I was witty enough to say “No. I am Iron Man.” Lamely, I just said no. So in my book, he and especially his son, are totally bad ass.

That’s the only personal experience I have with (former) Russians. So blah blah blah... Sorry... that didn’t really answer your question.

I guess it is better than going with my original reply - I bet the people in northern Russia are really cool.
Thank you. Thank you. I’ll be here all week.




We have him here at the moment. Yesterday he said if the UK makes a deal with the EU, the US will not make a deal with the UK. Today, he has reversed the entirely, claiming iot was just "fake news" - which is odd, because it all got recorded, so we have the BBC playing clips of him saying both.

The unofficial UK response:

A bunch of British people made a Trump baby balloon. Don't remember where I saw that, Tribune or the Times. Whichever is online.

Edit: Nevermind, The Pixie said that.

@K.V. Unfortunately Trump is very human. He makes mistakes often, and he changes his mind all the time. Trump is very human indeed.

I don't know why people think Trump is any worse than any other politician from U.S. or U.K. Their horrific behaviour is usually only fully apparent after they've left office and usually gets worse as the decades pass and more info is dug up. Trump talks horror but never follows through. When he's left office I'm sure he'll be the cleanest president of all time.

Mr. Parser
Trump talks horror but never follows through.

He does follow through. Just hard to keep up.


Trump is very human. He makes mistakes often, and he changes his mind all the time. Trump is very human indeed.

Ever seen Columbo?



Welcome to my world!

I might have seen clips of it on other shows. Shows that I have watched have seen Columbo.

Also by the sound of it, Trump might not even have any idea of what he is doing, let alone have any plans. He doesn't even know what he's going to do with the UK by the looks of it.

Look at these.

(To be honest I'm not good at making plans, and my note taking skills are about as good as Trump's assuming Trump wrote those notes himself. But I at least try to pay attention.)





"I read the news today.

Oh, boy.

About a lucky man who'd made the grade.

..and, though the news was rather sad...

Well, I just had to laugh."

- Lennon-McCartney




KV might need some anti psychotic and anti anxiety medication at this point. Except I'm not sure anti axiety drugs exist.


I think most Americans who are keeping up with current events are freaking out at least once a day.


Except I'm not sure anti axiety drugs exist.

Oh they exist alright! Couldn't get through the day without them.

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