Global Warming

How can we justify calling global warming an emergency if we're not even trying to stop it?

It's like smoking! It's terrible, but people don't try and stop it!

We claim we are a modern world, but we're no better than we used to be!

We still slaughter animals, we still care not about our future, and we still oppose the people making change!

Everywhere I look, I see people hating on vegans, smoking, drinking, ruining our planet, not giving a [Expletive Deleted] about how the future generation, including me, will end up with a burning, flooded husk of a once-beautiful planet. People are arguing about politics, religion, and all sorts of stupid unnecessary things.

I think it's about time I voiced my opinion about this. It needs to stop!

Who's with me? Or am I the only sane person left?

Nope. I commuted by bicycle for 25 years. But at every light, a line of FUVs would sit chugging. I consider myself a Climate First-responder and look what it got me - lots of hate on the roads.

Global Warming is not the fault of the individual, nor is it the fault of a great many number of individuals. Going green is admirable -- good, even! -- but it ultimately doesn't put a dent in the actual major contributors of global warming, those being corporations and governments letting them off. Environmental protection groups are being dismantled all over and the corps get off scot-free with manufacturing methods they're unwilling to change until they absolutely have to, but could do, because it'd cost money and research, using fuel sources that will not only run out but have terrible byproducts for the environment and the ozone.

When the pandemic hit and several major manufacturers had to slow down production and airlines scaled back on their flight numbers significantly, air quality in several key places around the planet improved in a matter of weeks. Hell, It's been estimated that China's air pollution decreased by around 25% in just four weeks.

Any amount of individuals arguing amongst themselves detracts from this simple reality, whether it's people making fun of vegans, or health freaks blaming some dude in a moderately sized car for the entire global crisis when the fact is that we as people don't make an atom of a dent in the problem -- either furthering it or aiding in it.

There is some fairly funny news regarding airlines in particular, though. By a sheer coincidence, 2020 is the year chosen that they are required by law to model future emission levels off of, and there's no 'act of god' or 'a virus ran a train on the tourist industry' clause in these rules. Unless the lawyers of these individual airlines pull off some spectacular guff (not beyond the realm of possibility), we're going to be seeing less flights in general over the next... I think it's four or five years, these rules covered?

Also, you mentioned arguing about politics. This is a fact; Global Warming is political, simply down to one side of politics believing in it (almost if not all green parties on the planet are left wing) and the other side either pretending for profit or genuinely believing it's a hoax (see; the entire Republican party of the US.) Youtube is utterly littered with right wing wannabe pundits who call themselves climate 'sceptics' and churn out videos desperately trying to convince you everything is fine and these heatwaves will pass, or that the glaciers are actually increasing in size! (That's a particularly fun one they like to latch onto, citing a -specific- ice field that is several times smaller than the significantly larger ones melting faster elsewhere for a net loss.)

Yeah, the truth is literally where you find it.

I've read that the problem is that our economic model does NOT take into effect the environmental damage that good costs to produce. Labor, steel, shipping, sure, those all factor in. But as for the cost to air and water and planetary degradation, not at all.

I've have FUV drivers at work complain that I don't pay road taxes on my bike (this is one of those conservative memes you mentioned). These are the same people who's Hummers tear up the road with their excessive weight. So yeah, I'll pay my share if you really paid yours.

global warming is a huge problem for us

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