Anyone would like to help code in javascript?

Hello everyone new guy here. I have been looking around the site and its great. Iv checked out some good games here. Sorry havent really done no reviews yet but tend to soon. Im hopeing someone with javascript skills might help me out with a game im working on. Its a Game Tycoon type game like Game Dev Tycoon. What it needs right now is a javascript array type database maybe with local storage?? If anyone is interested please let me know. Thanks guys :)

I am a bit new to Quest, but from my experimenting, Javascript engine does not support HTML5 stuff (I believe Quest is using Chromium CEF)
So, unless I've missed something, currently there is no way to use any database in Quest, unless it is external and you are doing REST requests from Javascript.
Also, let's assume you manage to get a database to work with Quest's Javascript engine. How do you plan to get query results from Javascript to Quest script?

Also, if you need in-memory only database in Javascript, you can TRY LokiJS (
It's pure memory persistence provider should work with Quest's Javascript engine

Quest is made from Visual Studio, a Windows program.

KV knows about JavaScript stuff...

O thanks @myarichuk & @jmnevil54, but Im making games in HTML. But I have done what I was trying to do :) But did run into a new problem. I was using local storage in my game, but I got this error when I upload here and test out.

Im working on 3 projects right now, but this one is my simulation game. But Im still going to be working on the 2 games I use local storage for and convert them to EXE. And post a download for them. And hopefully people might like them, and reveiw and rate on here. Right now my Pokemon type game should work here but it will be a demo version. But will have a download for that too. Thanks guys :)

It didnt post the error but I had to take some brackets out.
The resource doesn't support specified Http Verb. RequestId:d3da7872-501e-00c4-27b9-866214000000 Time:2018-11-28T01:27:04.2892432Z

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