When is a story supposed to get a category?

I've had my story up for about 2 weeks, and my story has not been checked by a moderator at all. How long does it normally take for a story to get uploaded?

Great name XD

Uh, my game The Ritual (I published when I was a noob)) took nearly a month to get a category, but Infinite Dungeons (My other game, also noob, getting an update) took three days.

I swear they run the games through a random number generator and wait that long before approving.

There are less than a handful of volunteers who must test each game before placing it in a category.

Sometimes they need a nudge, but usually there is just a long list of games to go through. (This post counts as a nudge, by the way. I bet one of the moderators will see this and act on it soon.)

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