I swear I'm not an idiot BUT how do you rename your game so that it shows up with that name in the create tab?

I've renamed it in the edit mode but it won't change in my create tab, I want to post it but want it to have the new name. How is this done?

I changed Dark Halloween to The House on the Hill by just changing the name in the Game name box. I think I also changed the file name as well. And when I published it, I made sure the file name (as the folder Quest creates) had the new name as well, and it worked. And uploaded that. It also changed the name in the comment thread, I wasn't expecting that.
But, if you generate a new Game ID, it may do all of this for you.

I think if you're using the online editor, you need to go to "View/edit game listing" → "Edit this listing". There might be some delay before the new name appears.

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