In Search of Good Quest Parser Games

Greetings, all!

I am looking for some good Quest text adventures. I like games with parsers. Are there any must-play parser games made with Quest?

I’m sure I’ll miss a few but if you search on the homepage for Robin Johnson, Peter Edwards, EatenByAGrue, KV, Father, Bitterkarella, CJ592, peter123, the Pixie, necrodeath, Jay Nabonne...

I’m sure there are more, but those are a few of my favorite authors off the top of my head(please, my other favorite authors not in this list, I’ll add you soon - it’s late, don’t hate!) Some of those did not use Quest to create the original games but they are playable here.

Much thanks to you

I like older R Jonson games, but he no longer seems to care enough to write enough code to make an actual parser. It looks like a parser, but it's just a cheap imitation. A Choose Your Own Adventure in disguise

I picked necrodeath next for an unknown reason, but am happy I did! I will try the others too and thank you xanmag!!!

Hi Mr Parser,

Glad you enjoyed my game Drumsticks, and thanks for leaving the review, much appreciated.


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