Help me in my addiction with Adventure Capitalist

I used to think idle games are dumb, but just realised they’re not just dumb, but way too adictive as well. At this point, I play Adventure Capitalist for like 5+ hours daily. Not because it's fun to play anymore, but because I don’t want all my progress to go into vain (maybe I’m lil greedy). It has started to affect my eyes and overall health now.

How do you guys cope up with such game addictions? Also, particularly in my case, can somebody give me some tips or something?

Getting addicted to games is a real thing, and something some game designer exploit.

This article is about Candy Crush, but I would guess it is pretty similar.

Good to see some helpful advice. Should be interesting to look at.

Although a part of me suspects that the first post will have a link to the game edited into it after a couple of days. Hope I'm wrong about that.

Thanks for the advice Pixie, I will check it out. I am personally not a candy crush fan though, but I get the point. It’s amusing that different games but the same kind of genre fit different people but the point is the same, time busted.
Mrangel: I couldn’t understand, I thought linking the game wasn’t necessary.

Damm man I know, games like Adv. Cap can be really addictive. I started playing cookie clicker more than 2 months ago, and I am just spending hours playing the game every week. Sometimes it felt like a waste of time, so I talked to a friend and she just suggested me an auto clicker. I just run it for a few hours now, come back to the game and just buy upgrades, onset- it felt like it wouldn't be as fun but now progress is giving me the same rush, especially when i compete with my buddies over it . Still this addiction is too bad, and I am already losing my work productivity into idle games.

I will try to control it. The overall impact on my health has been really bad. Which auto clicker are you using to play the game? I am a little hesitant in downloading anything from the internet, it often contains undesirable things.

Yeah, I think it’s time to focus on work and just wipe out the game lol. I am using this tool , it has worked well for me and it doesn’t hang. Let me know if it works, also, I am not affiliated with this tool in any way. You should do your prior checks. I just found it randomly on the net one day. I hope you are able to stay away from the game or just completely get rid of it. The problem with eyes sitting long hours on desk is real.

Thanks a ton. Yeah, it definitely is real. I have back ache from sitting in wrong postures too xD I think it’s time I quit these idle games (the gamer inside me is laughing on me, though)

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