How would you evaluate the time you spend playing video games?

Social media and video games occupy the time of both young and old. Teenagers lead the way in engaging with others on social media and video games. However, adults are increasingly active on social media and in the gaming world, and these developments are not necessarily negative

Late for dinner = normal but problematic
Late for work = abnormal but it depends, very problematic
Quit your job = You should have quit the game instead, unless you're working at a really abusove job, in which case you still need to find time for a new job, so yeah. Of this continues, yoi'll end up on the news, your parents' basement, or in jail.

Sorry, I went on a tangent. It's not about me, I've only been working for about a year now.

I'm pretty sure that the meaning of life is:

Have fun
Don't worry about little stuff
Don't be vain
Do what makes you happy
Be kind to everything, including animals (and try to go vegan if you can!)

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