Anyone know any games like these (text games or otherwise)

Anyone know some games where you play as the last human left? Can involve robots, can involve aliens investigating whatever the hell happend (they can be hostile or not). If any of you know games like this, please link. :D

I was searching for a game from the Surreal section about you being the last human and working as caretaker for the machines, but i really can't find it anymore... The Hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy shoudl satisfy yoru requirements. (Wasn't it around this site too? Couldn't find it.)

Anyway, i suggest you to search in the sci-fi category, or searching for the keyword "apocalyptic". This is no gurantee, but gets you a step closer.

However, i have to add that your requirements are quite ambigous. There are quite some games that seem to imply your are the last human (or any other kind of sapient entity), or are so remote from any other being it's effectvely the same. Sometimes it's not clear depending on how you define human (baseline homo sapiens? Do Vampires also count? What if Androids are indistinguishable from them?) so you either have to be more precise, or fight out a 300-page philosophical lachomachy with me.

Detectiveland is a good game! It's a mystery. It's got suspense, chills, and thrills!

Zesc did you mean this game? Caretaker

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