Quest Discord

I'm curious how many people on the forums use Discord. Could be handy or just plain fun to make a server on it! Or if one already exists!

Edit; Saw one was made in October, though the invite has expired.

I've seen a few posted here. The first one, they would only ever post an invite that lasts a couple of hours, so it was only available if you're checking the forum at the same time as the owner. The more recent one seemed to have a lot of people on it, but little conversation; and then a month ago it disappeared. Either I got kicked out, or it was deleted, there's no way to tell.

Might be nice to talk in real time; but then I'd probably spend even more time in code, when I should be trying to market my work.

Ah, the dreaded temptation!

A viable Discord server would have to be official, or at least run by someone committed to making it work long-term. And that's a bigger task than some people realize. Even running a personal one can be stressful enough. And frankly, I seldom join the conversation here.

Live exchange would be much more productive in a team setting with a common goal. A topic thread could then be added in the forum to share any insight that came of the Dicord meeting. That would be cool. I'm more visual and written code gives me time to study where I lack understanding. As stated before, someone would have to take the time to manage the Discord as well as an informative thread.
No similar team goals = lousy Discord meetings

I wasn't really thinking about productivity - though it's correct that live exchange would be a lot more useful for people working together on something.

Its even harder for me living in Aus. Half a day away from everyone.

I think it would be fun to make one! Though I'm certainly no expert in everything when it comes down to Quest or Squiffy, I think it would be good to have a Discord regardless.

Well, just for the fun of it, I've made my own server here if you'd like to try working on a Discord too (it's still under development, but I think that it's nice):

I've joined up. Good call on the quick verification in #rules before entering properly!

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