Game Still Uncategorized

Hey guys! It's been maybe a week since I've published my game, and it's still listed as needing to be checked. Now I get that they have to be hand checked or whatever they do, I don't pretend to know.

Still, I'd love an estimate on how long it's going to be, if at all possible. Is there any way I can check this, or is it just a matter of waiting? I'd love for it to be visible, so I can start receiving feedback!

There are 19 games in the uncategorized section, currently. If you or me come back tomorrow and it hasn't moved/barely moved, you would still have another week.

Sorry. I have been gone for a while. School and coaching has started up again and I haven't been on much. I will start going through uncategorized games soon and knock a few out.

Remember, I am unpaid. I have a pseudo-life. And I have some other things I enjoy doing (like being a parent to a busy 15-year old. So... bear with me. Thanks. =)

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