Britain’s Hunt says pursuing no-deal Brexit “political suicide"

I'm an American. Can someone please explain this article for me?

British foreign minister Jeremy Hunt said it would be “political suicide” to pursue a no-deal Brexit through a general election, adding he would look for more time to secure a new Brexit deal if he replaced Prime Minister Theresa May.

Hunt pitched himself against other leading candidates to replace May, saying that a promise to leave the European Union by a specific date with or without a deal would be blocked by lawmakers who oppose no-deal and trigger a national election.

“Trying to deliver no deal through a general election is not a solution; it is political suicide,” Hunt wrote in Tuesday’s Daily Telegraph.

“A different deal is, therefore, the only solution – and what I will pursue if I am leader.”

Hunt is among ten Conservative lawmakers who have so far put themselves forward to replace May as party leader and prime minister.

Frontrunner Boris Johnson has said that Britain should leave “deal or no-deal” on October 31, while Kit Malthouse, an outsider for the role, said no-deal was not his preferred outcome but Britain should be prepared for it.

Although Hunt voted to remain in the European Union in the 2016 Brexit referendum, he says he now believes in Brexit.

“I have always believed that no deal is better than no Brexit, but parliament has passed laws to stop a government willingly walking into no deal,” he said.

Instead of pursuing no-deal, Hunt said he would look for a different deal to the agreement negotiated by May, which failed to get approval three times from British lawmakers.

He said that he would seek to take Britain out of the customs union while “respecting legitimate concerns” around the Irish border.

May’s deal foundered on the controversial Irish border “backstop” which could see the province linked indefinitely to the bloc, angering May’s Unionist allies in Northern Ireland and Brexit supporters who want a decisive split from the EU.

Hunt said that the EU did not want Brexit hanging over them and so could be open to renegotiation of the backstop.

“The last thing they want is to make a concession to what they see as Britain’s populist movement,” Hunt said of the EU.

“But that does not rule out a reasonable and statesmanlike request to change the backstop for a different set of guarantees on the Irish border.


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My (another American's) take:

The best deal that Britain can get is pretty much what Theresa May already got, so any other deal will be worse for Britain.

Britain will give itself a hard, no-deal Brexit because the Brexiteers are full of unreasonable, contradictory, and intransigent demands.

The EU has long been sick and tired of dealing with the Brexiteers and are prepared for a no-deal Brexit, unlike Britain.

Britain will suffer significant economic (and political) fallout for years to come, much more so than the EU, when this whole sorry debacle fully unravels.

Large swaths of the American public are just as unreasonable and self-deluded as the Brexiteers; i.e., look at our Trumpeteers.

No one will really learn anything from all of this.

Well, I just typed up a very lengthy explaination of everything that went wrong during the 2017 and 2019 elections that led to this crisis, but then this fucking goddamn forum ate the entire post for no reason, and I have no desire to repeat it all in full. A very brief summary;

  • Brexit incredibly unpopular after the many drawbacks and the many allowances EU gave us revealed
  • Tories, knowing this and holding on to the 52% Leave vote majority, refuse to entertain the notion of a 2nd referendum
  • Labour, with socialist Corbyn at the head, are repeatedly sabotaged as revealed in recently leaked documents... by Labour. Right-leaning old heads within the party did everything they could to sabotage Corbyn in 2017 and 2019 - a direct quote from one of them when Labour almost won 2017? "The people have spoken. Bastards." In 2019, they even went as far as to run Corbyn's planned advertisements... to Corbyn and his advisors only, using adsense. So he was none the wiser that they weren't being run at all.
  • The Lib Dems in 2019 elected Jo Swinson as their new leader, a massively unpopular woman with the bizarre priorities to attack Labour to try and supplant them as the UK's 2nd major party, instead of focusing her ire on Boris Johnson's -40+ 'majority'. Of particular note is that when the opposition parties attempted to band together to form a temporary No Confidence Government with Corbyn at the head - given that he would have the majority within this temp gov - the lib dems refused to lend their numbers to complete the majority on Swinson's orders, twice, while she shrieked about Corbyn being in charge for even a week being worse than the No-Deal Brexit she'd... spent months saying would be the apocalypse. If this Temp Gov had gone ahead, it's disheartening to think about how different things could have been.
  • The UK media is overwhelmingly right wing, a fact which has been proven many times over. My personal highlight was when it was revealed that an overwhelming number of Tory adverts - over 80% - contained lies, while none of Labour's did. The way papers ran with the story? "80% OF POLITICAL ADS CONTAIN LIES." While Boris repeatedly bungled and got embroiled in multiple scandals, they were busy yelling about Corbyn's, and I quote, 'MARXIST-STYLE BICYCLE'.
  • 2019 election comes and the Labour's sabotage, weak Brexit message and Lib Dem interference - my personal highlights include the time they put out a 'ONLY LIB DEMS CAN WIN IN THIS AREA' table out which, at the bottom, confessed to having only polled around 50-100 people - and Boris' insipid but effective mantra of 'get Brexit done' - a complete lie, by the way, given that years of negotiations are still to come - won out against a disinterested and jaded public. Labour lost severely, Lib Dems got crushed to their smallest size in years, Jo Swinson lost her own seat and had to bugger off, Corbyn stayed on until new Labour head Kier was elected.
  • Kier is a completely pointless Blairite centrist, so expect a similar situation as is happening in America right now, where the youth portion of the vote will have absolutely no interest in voting for 'the right guy', because 'beat the other guy' is not a compelling message to people who've seen nothing but idiocy and impending doom for a decade now.
  • At current date, Brexit has been, again, delayed by the Pandemic which has obviously put everything on hold.

Anyway, not sure why I bothered responding (twice) to an obvious bot pulling articles from a year ago - with dramatically different circumstances, making it useless to understand now - but it's that sort of day, I suppose.

Just read your synopsis, Pykrete. Interesting details to an uninformed American such as myself. We are living in interesting(?) times.

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