current situation with servers?


I'm about to start coding a new game, when I was writing my last one around Feb-April time, there were a lot of issues with severs hanging or being slow (I use the browser version of Quest), has this issue been fixed now?


Hello Necrodeath,

No solution has been made to the server issue beyond a reboot system when its memory consumption rises above a certain range.

Unfortunately the server theme is a bit out of control and something I have in the to-do list as the next problem to solve. What I can not tell you is how long it will take for me to have the new functional server.

If I have noticed these weeks back that the hangers are less constant, but they also exist. For now is the only thing I can tell you, I hope soon to be able to give better news.

Thanks manowar, appreciate the response and candour. Will have to get hold of a windows machine and use the offline version, I love the quest engine, but am a mac user.

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