The game is not yet classified

Hey guys! It has probably been a week since I published my game and it is still listed as a test. Now that I get that they have to be checked by hand or whatever they do, I don't pretend to know.

However, I still want to estimate how long it will take, if possible. Is there any way I can check this, or is it just a matter of waiting? I like it displayed, so I can start receiving feedback!

EDIT: I’m going to need a link to your game. Based on your profile - “This user has not published any games publicly yet.” So... either you are using a different user name to post your game or you’ve got it published as private and I can’t see it. I need a link. Thanks.

I’ll do it now. I’m not sure how many “tester/placer” mods are still out there. Look for it placed in a few moments.

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