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Hello everyone. I found QUEST when I was browsing for some tutorials. I am currently studying web programming at home. I am focusing on HTML, CSS, PHP and JavaScript. I don't have any computer related degree but I find programming interesting. Sometimes I am so stressed with my codes and I feel like I want to quit. So I decided to find an escape route, I mean something I can do to relieve my self when those time comes and then I found QUEST. I am looking forward to submitting my first ever game with QUEST.

Welcome. Looking forward to playing your games.

Cool. Have fun!



I was in your boat not long ago, and Quest will be a fun way for you to learn all of that (except for PHP, unless you go above and beyond most Quest authors).

If ever have any questions, don't hesitate to ask! There are many people in the Quest community who love to help out.

Also, these links may come in handy:

Happy gaming!

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