Socialism In America: Do Conservatives Truly Dislike Our Mixed Economy?

America has a mixed economy. That means we dabble in both capitalism and socialism. It has never been nor will it ever be purely capitalist or socialist.

Here's a list of just a few of the socialist programs we have:

The Justice System
National Defense
The Roads, Highways, etc.
Social Security

  1. The NFL, NBA, and many other sports
    Consumer Protection
    The School System and Public Libraries
    The Environmental Protection Agency
    Welfare and Unemployment
    Just to sum up socialism for anyone who may be unclear on it:

If Americans' tax dollars pay for something and the government controls it, that is socialism.

Also, conservatives and Republicans are not the same thing.

Conservatives want smaller government (or so they say while they run for office), meaning they don't like items 7 - 10 on that list.

Republicans used to be liberals. (I.e., Abraham Lincoln)

All apologies for waxing political. I just needed to write that down and share it with someone outside of my general vicinity.

Anyone have anything to add or any counter-points or arguments?

I have always assumed conservatives hate socialism because they hate paying the taxes to support it. Small government, no social welfare, etc. should mean lower taxes. And who gives a damn about the disadvantaged, right?

Can I query the sports on your list. Are the NFL and NBA really funded and controlled by the government? I am, from the UK. The government here does provide grants to sports here, but not to leagues that can make huge amounts of money on their own. I do not think even kids football (soccer) gets government money.

My take on this: (As extremes, and "pure" definitions.)
Socialism: you give all you money to someone that will take some for themselves, and use some to give you what you need...
conservative: you keep all your money and buy what you need for yourself...

The first one means everyone supports everyone... even the ones not working, or not making enough to support themselves... Sounds good for the poor people, but not so good for the ones making more money... But the downside is that no one needs to work because "someone" will support them... this kills an economy...
Socialism can, and does, work very well for small groups because everyone is working for the common good. And it is easy to see who is not pulling their own weight. Past a certain size, the ones not working can hide in the crowd and live "for free".

The second one is more of "sink or swim"... You keep your money, and you can help some people that need help. (Because you have more money) there is no safety net if you land on hard times. (Hope you have savings to live on.) This is better for the economy because there is a reason to work harder... more money... This will grow an economy by leaps and bounds.
If you want more, work harder (or smarter) for it.
(Think welfare abuse.)

Neither is the "best" option, but the balanced blend works for most people.

Is it coincidence that my advertisement on this page is an “NRA survey”??

I label myself as an intelligist or a common sensilist. Lol. This debate could run in circles forever and it is exactly what is wrong with, at least, the US government. Conservative vs liberals, socialists vs capitalist...
It’s truly a shame that our political leaders tend to commit entirely to a camp or be outcast entirely.

As for the OP, if conservatives dislike a mixed economy... tough shit. It’s a necessity regardless of political or economic POVs.

The true question should be “what programs should be supported by tax dollars?”

Side note: professional teams are not, I believe, socialist programs.

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I was wondering why someone asked this, when we had already discussed it once...

Facebook recycled an old video...
A very good watch.

I remember that.

Lots of doublethink in that video . . .

Are the NFL and NBA really funded and controlled by the government?

Well, a large amount of taxpayer dollars go towards most of the stadiums and such, but no; they are not completely funded by the government.




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