Isn't Adventure or @ a game?

Hi. I'm trying to find this one game with letters for characters/images. I thought it was called Adventure or @, but every attempt at trying to Google it fails. The closest I came to it was Crowther's Adventure.
There is a bunch of bats and emus for some reason.

I am just trying to figure out what the first turn-based game was... electronic/computer game, not table top.

I just need the Google combination/words so I can find a video playthrough, or at least a text playthrough.

Try "Text character adventures"...
Those were the old style "graphic" adventures...
Not great graphics, but sometimes not bad stories...
And sometimes you needed a cheat sheet to keep track of what the different letters meant...
So much better when tile based graphics replaced them...
search for "ASCII graphic games"...


Looks like the first one was Dungeon in 1975...

Nethack looks similar. But does it have killing emus, and is it in a dungeon?
I found something called "Wizard the Evoker," that looks like it...

Rogue is my emu game! Thanks!

Rogue was made in 1980!

Dungeon looks very promising, though!

I found a Dungeon and Dragons game from 1974. On the computer.
It's a Youtube video.

That Dungeon and Dragons game from 1974, wasn't sure if I should click hentaimangaly it but I had to give it a try haha

Then there is Dwarf Fortress (aka Slaves to Armok: God of Blood Chapter II: Dwarf Fortress), lol

*Looks -God of Blood Chapter II: Dwarf Fortress- up on Google.
Letters. Letters everywhere!
(Also, it says its alpha version was released in 2006...)

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