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What if someone integrated a forum into a game?
Of course I'm not sure if it would work with a text adventure (I would like to see it though). The forum would need the internet most likely.

Uses: Every game that needs multiplayer but doesn't, every game that does not have multiplayer

Maybe it's like the orange soapstones in Dark Souls.
You can't use a regular internet forum because it breaks the lore. You have to put it in the game itself. A more lore friendly (compared to the world wide web) would be more appropriate.

I'm just theorizing.

(Also, is everyone angry at No Man's Sky because they want multiplayer, or do they just want to whine about Game Developers like always?)

Pixie's quest had access to the forum here...
But if you are looking for a multi-player text adventure...
Much like a tabletop DnD game...
Play by messenger could be what you are after.

The forum stuff doesn't work online when playing Pixie's Quest.

It only works offline, and you can't post. The in-game forum is read-only.

Haven't I heard someone mention MUD games?

Random links I found:

Someone had a go at multiplayer on Quest. I think it worked, but no game ever appeared that I know of.


I have to add create to Quest JS so this can (maybe) compile to an HTML!

KV, this is the wrong thread. Unless you're talking about Pixie's Quest.

Also, I meant video games in general, not just text adventures. I did like learning what MUD games were. I had known they existed, but I didn't know they had a name!

You have to have a create function for this to work:

That's if you'd be compiling to a website using Quest JS. (After compiling to a website, packaging it up as an app is easy.)

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