How best to play on phone or offline?

I’m new to text adventures, but the more I look around the more I want to play.

When I have time to play I’m usually away from my computer, network coverage, or both. Is there some way to download games to play under those circumstances? I guess my question isn’t Quest-specific, but relates to text adventures in different formats in general.



If you have a Windows machine, you can download Quest (and Quest games) for offline play.

On the main page of any Quest game, you will see a "Download file" link on the right of the page. (Sometimes you have to scroll down to find it.)


This site also hosts non Quest games. Most of those can only be played online from here, but if they are Inform games, you can probably download those from IFDB. You would need an interpreter for games made with Inform, too -- Frotz for older games, Glulxe for newer games, or Lectrote for either (to name three, I suggest Frotz and Glulxe to cover both bases).

Basically, find the text adventure you want to play; check the format; then search "how to play a [format] game" online. Also, if you are downloading games from IFDB, it usually tells you what software you'll need to play.

Happy gaming!

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