Theres a glitch for me. Does anyone know how to fix this?

Hey there.

I'm currently trying to make a game but it won't let me.

No matter if it's a game book or a text adventure whenever i try all it says is "sorry there was a error with your request"

Note that I'm still new to this website so yeah. Thanks for any help you can give me! (Also i'm doing it on the website as i'm not sure that the download for this works on chrome book).

Are you using Quest or Squiffy?

It might be worth looking in the relevant forum for that engine; or in the site feedback forum if you think it might be a site issue.

You might find several peolle asking the same question, some of whom put the error message in the post title so it's easier to find the relevant ones.

If you're using Quest and the error appears when you try to make a new game, the usual answer is to make sure the address you're viewing the site through starts with https://, not http://.

I'm using quest as it (to me) seems easier. I'll go check the address right now.

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