Thank you! <3


I went from being here practically non stop to... not really being here at all and that's due to moving on to other kinds of game creating. The other day when I was working on level design it struck me that I just up and left.

The thing is...
In finding Quest I was finally able to get over the threshold of understanding. I've tried to find a way into the world of programming for ages but never succeeded. Here, in the Quest forums is where my first spark of understanding flared and I owe it, 100% (I can not overstate this) to you guys! You've been incredibly helpful, and patient, and kind, and forgiving and I'm absolutely certain I wouldn't have made it past that first point if I hadn't found this "place".
I owe all of you a huge, and very sincere

Thank you!

I've not fully given up on the game series I started working on here. I'll either 'translate' it into a 2d game using the engine I've developed in game maker studio's IDE or maybe I just might finish them as intended, I don't know yet.
It doesn't really matter. Either way...

I just really want to express my gratitude toward the Quest community. I'm amazed of how helpful you have been.
It's truly a beautiful thing!

Thank you. A million thank yous!


Glad to hear you have become one of us, but no thanks are necessary.

Your soul was all we really wanted, and we got that the moment you accepted the TOS.


Richard!!! That WAS the secrete you were to keep!!!


Nice Post...

It's great having you here, Cheese! I learned a lot from your posts. Hope to try your game sometime.

Very touching words. It's very rare seeing people opening the heart and recognizing other people's contributions. Very wise and mature behavior. Hail.

it's great to see your touching threads keep doing well but no thanks are necessary

This summer I'll be sure to sit down and play all the new parser games you've guys created.
Seems like there's a lot of new folks here as well, cool!

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