Can you save and load in Anchorhead?

I type "save", but then it just jumps my game to the top of the screen like where I began. I can not page down as it seems to be stuck, as if fighting to stay at the top. I can scroll down and I see where I typed the command "save", but I can not type or even seem to get the cursor working again. I then closed and tried to play again, trying to restore a game, but it starts me at the very beginning again. Is the game broken or not able to be saved while playing online? I did not see another version to play from here.

Actually another thread down a ways about the same issue with Zork may be what I need to do as well, although I am not even sure I am getting the "saved" message at all, thus I am not sure if the copied URL will work, but I will definitely try it. I tried to download the Z-machine from the IF Archives and also Brass Lantern, but I think the latter just links to the former anyway and something is really wrong with the Z-machine website. Looks like coding is all screwed up or something.

Edit: Interestingly enough that works. Not when I go back to the game itself, but just simply opening a browser and pasting it in there. A heck of a lot of symbols, letters and numbers for no more than a few minutes of game play though... o_O

Although I still get an error from time to time as my first post described. So I did all these other things in game and tried to save and the "OK" did not show up. If I copy and then repast what is at the top, I just go back to the previous save, because nothing was ever updated differently. That sucks.

Install Windows Frotz to download and properly play a Z game. (Also, install Windows Glulxe for the newer Inform games.)

I tried to download Glulxe from the main website and the installer was acting weird. Then again the creators website is so jumbled it was hard to tell what was what. I also tried downloading a Z-machine from both Interactive Fiction Archive and Brass Lantern, but BL just links back to IFA and IFA is as confusing as the other website aforementioned with a main website corrupted. o_O I would think something so simple (in terms of graphical games) as IF would be easy to download and play. Android has a few that are download and play. But I want something on the big screen as it were and with a real keyboard. I will try the Frotz, although I do not remember seeing that on the IFA. Any credible websites you recommend? Thank you.

The "downloaded" link on each page begins each respective download.

Oh yeah...

On Android, I use TextFiction for Z games and ... I can't remember the app for Glulxe games.

I've used TextFiction as well. It was good, minus my small screen. I saw the davidkinder links before. Reputable I assume?

I saw the davidkinder links before. Reputable I assume?

Errr. . .

All I can say is I've been using those versions of Frotz and Glulxe for years, and, if there is something malicious, I haven't found out about it.

I think you can download the source code from GitHub and build either (or both) of them yourself...


Also, most of the main IF sites link to his software, too. So, I think that's probably a good sign.


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