Error 502 when edit and create new game

Got this error when I try create a new game or edit an existing game:
Error 502 Ray ID: 39e5558284827672 • 2017-09-14 18:15:51 UTC
Bad gateway
Happen after I edited the game on my phone with google crome.

Hi! I'm sorry this isn't an answer to your question, but I'm just replying to say that I'm getting the same error: 502, Bad Gateway. Then it shows three icons: my browser (says it's working), Cloudfare (says it's working), and then "host" (says it has an error).

I've seen this error a few times before (I've only been here for about a week—my first experience with text adventures!), but every time I saw it, I just reloaded the page and everything worked fine. Today has been the first time it's been a sustained problem for me; I haven't been able to edit my game all day.

If anyone knows what's up, that would be awesome.

I believe the server is currently down.


They'll probably get it up and running again soon.

Yes, the server dont works fine. I'm looking for a solution.

Oh, okay! Thank you so much for your guys' help. I'm glad that it's the server, because I was still irrationally worried that I had somehow corrupted my game file or something. Looking forward to when the server is back up! :)

"worried that I had somehow corrupted my game file"
Was thinking the same thing :-)

Ok. But I will just give it time then.

I thought it was fixed, but it seems to be having other problems.

The server works fine now. Any problem, please post here.

Yeah. It works now. Thanks, all.

Seems to work now. Thanks :-)

Error 520 is back again!

Okay for me

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