Overwhelming SPAM in here...! Yes SPAM (spam too) Leave my topic alone please. F**k food lawyers, they don't get to dictate how I type!

Someone please do something. It hurts my eyes!

Holy meatballs. Someone's working fast!

done my best, but the last spam threat can't be deleted

“Too many redirections”. What the heck does that mean?

This might occur when you open a page that is redirected to another page, which is then redirected to open the original page.

“Too many redirections”. What the heck does that mean?

It's the forum's SEO thing. It tries to redirect your URL from /forum/<forumname>/topic/<topic id>/ to /forum/<forumname>/topic/<topic id>/<subject line>

The subject line is abbreviated by removing all the non-alphanumeric characters, which makes sense. But the latest spam doesn't have any letters or numbers in the topic, so its "SEO-friendly" URL with the subject line in looks exactly the same as the other one, causing the server to redirect your browser again, and again, and again, until it gives up.

Ah. Interesting. That’s the message I get when trying to remove that one. Spam here to stay?!?

Undeleteable spam? That's the stuff of nightmares!

Spam VI: Return of the Spam

See? I can make movie references too.

"The grease is strong in this one!"

Very funny!
Also, there is large spam in the first comment on this game, Victorian Detective. http://textadventures.co.uk/games/view/w207ce4zekubenmwgss5pa/victorian-detective

See there^. Another reason why comments should be editable either by the author of the comment or by someone permitted to edit those. As far as I know, comments and reviews are untouchable once posted. :/

We should build a firewall and make the spammers pay for it!


Speaking of...

Anyone see that most recent spam? A herpes dating site link. Like farmers only but for those with herpes. Seriously??

A herpes dating site

Are you kidding me?!?! I mean, I get the whole Power-of-the-Internet thing, but seriously?

I believe the purpose of the website is for 2 people who both have herpes to fall in love, not one peeson with herpes and one without. That may be where the confusion lies. But yeah, not sure why they'd advertise here, but someone must have done it of their own free will....

I never assumed it was for patient zero to get with the living, LOL. it's just one of those things that really should exist, but we don't like to talk about it.

President Grue

I'm a big deal on this forum. Lots of people read my posts every day. Sometimes, millions of users try to read the same post at the same time, and it fries the site's servers. I mean, I can't help it if I'm incredibly, unbelievably popular.

I have talked to many, many people on this forum, and they are all incredible men and women. I mean it. They are really good people. The spammers would have these good people live in a world with no privacy! Can you believe that? Can you believe how stupid those dirty spammers are? They are a tremendous threat to our values, and they make a lot of money off of us, and I mean a LOT of money. I'm talking millions and millions of dollars!

We need to keep those spammers off the site, and we need to secure our reviews, which, I don't know if you've noticed it or not, but they could be better. The reviews could be better. That's why I have a plan for the spammers, and, with my plan, we can win. We are winners, and they don't like losing. I'm going to make them a deal that will ensure us all 5-star reviews. Anybody who leaves a negative review should have their account deleted. Period.

This is a great, great site, and we are born winners! If we weren't, why else would millions and millions of people read our posts? This spamming thing, it's just dumb. We need to send those spammers back to where they came from! A place where it is pitch black, and they can't see a thing!!!


Are you actually a person? If so, say something human.

This thread is bugging me, for the use of "SPAM" in the title. Best practice (and Hormel Foods's lawyers) says you should use "spam" for unsolicited commercial email, and reserve "SPAM®" (capitals) for a chopped pork and ham product.

Are you actually a person? If so, say something human.

something human


spam corrected

Best practice (and Hormel Foods's lawyers) says you should use "spam" for unsolicited commercial email, and reserve "SPAM®" (capitals) for a chopped pork and ham product.





Nothing personal, mrangel. It's the topic that offends me, not the messenger.

I don't know how it is in other countries, but corporations control the public enough in America already without worrying about such trivialities. Also, if you read about any of those proceedings, you'll find that Hormel lost.

Normally, this wouldn't be a big deal at all to me, but the fourth estate is being heavily attacked in my country right now, and anything concerning freedom's got me a little on edge.

KV, do you mean 4th amendment? Otherwise, I don't know what 4th estate means.

“The Fourth Estate (or fourth power) is a segment of society that wields an indirect but significant influence on society even though it is not a formally recognized part of the political system. The most commonly recognized part of the fourth estate is the news media, or press.”
-from some source I googled...


The fourth estate is basically the free press.

From Wikipedia:

The Fourth Estate (or fourth power) is a segment of society that wields an indirect but significant influence on society even though it is not a formally recognized part of the political system. The most commonly recognized part of the fourth estate is the news media, or press.

The term fourth estate derives from traditional European concept of the three estates of the realm: the clergy, the nobility, and the commoners.


Americanized version:


Also see:



XM answered while I was writing, or I would have skipped the bit he'd already covered.

mrangel is right, though. Just because something makes me want to rebel, that doesn't make it okay to do so.

We live in an age of litigation, and I'm assuming the site would have to deal with the Hormel legal team, not the person who created the post.


From now on, I shall be referring to spam as "malicious posts" and [THE PRODUCT THAT SHALL NOT BE NAMED] as "a food-like substance which I would never eat" .

I, for one, will be referring to spam as "malicious posts" and SPAM as "a food-like substance which I would never eat" henceforth.

Either way, spam/SPAM is unnecessary and unwanted. Go away spam/SPAM.

PS. Am I going to get sued??

I didn't know the makers of [THE PRODUCT THAT SHALL NOT BE NAMED] sued Jim Henson Productions because they had a character named Spa'am until today.

They sued Kermit the Frog?


Good thing Scooter was there! He had Statler and Waldorf on retainer, and the Muppets prevailed!

HK wishes he could trademark/copyright 'okay' (the #1 known word/saying/expression worldwide), getting royalties every time it's used, but you can't trademark/copyright what is public domain... like spam (E/internet/computer/physical-mail-letters advertising/soliticing/etc), nike (greek/roman, meh, the winged goddess of victory and war/whatever, mythology) (nike is the #2 most known word worldwide) (Nike the shoe company has no actual legal case for it being their trademark/copyright), lycans (lycanothopy is a very ancient word, and thus not created/owned by the Underworld movie series for their race of werewolves), hobbits (strongly arguably, they're now public domain, as a halfling race, even though they were original tolkien's trademark/copyright fantasy race), ljosalfar (light elves) / dokkalfar (dark elves) / svartalfar (night elves) are also public domain (germany mythology) and like hobbits, you can argue that TES:morrowind/oblivion/skyrim's 'dunmer, altmer, bosmer, chimer, etc' elven races, and arguably same for warcraft/wow elven and other races ("taurens" --- which are just minotaurs, which are greek mythology, public domain), are public domain, as elves and such types of races are common in fantasy/rpgs (public domain), and etc etc etc

the legal price of success:

if you're too successful, your trademarks/copyrights/works/creations/ideas/concepts/characters/race/species/etc, enter into the public domain, and thus become legally as public domain, lol


all the crap that is (unjust) copyright/patent/trademark is thanks to Walt Disney (disney company), buying (I mean lobbying) congress to pass that copyright lasts 100 years after the creator's death... F'k Disney! (100 years is a fkn lifetime especially with modern technology and etc creative works)




(filler for getting my edited post, updated/posted)
(again, filler for getting my edited post, updated/posted)
(again, filler for getting my edited post, updated/posted)

as KV/RH/Etc explained:

the "4th estate / 4th branch of government" is:

the press (news/journalism) acting as a 'check and balance' upon government, and strongly protected by the first amendment from the government

just like how the courts/judiciary/judges/us-justice-department is suppose to be a "check and balance" on the executive and legislative...

but this is rarely the case especially nowadays with the: media (99.99999999 % of media is NOT the-press/news/journalism) and also the courts/judicial/judges/us-justice-department (for example: 99.999999999999999999% of cases/the-time, judges have NEVER ruled against a cop's traffic/driving ticket, regardless of even when providing/having direct evidence that the cop unjustly gave the person a ticket, ya, what check and balance is the judiciary being upon the executive? ZERO/NONE/NADA!)

the caste (old, and still very accurate, class) system: the human institutional heirarchy

(india's caste system had/explains it well: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Caste_system_in_India )

  1. religion/spiritual (for most of human history, they had power over all, including the state-government, they were the actual power/government of a country, not the state-government, but then they lost their power, and is going extinct, except in the middle east, unless their people and/or US overthrows them, lol)

  2. government (state-govermnent, secularism, king/monarchy, president/prime-minister/chairman, etc)

  3. military (sometimes the military is apart of the government/religion, but not always, sometimes the military is a separate power than the government/religion, which isn't good for the government/religion, lol, and why successful governments/religions includes the military as part of them, as the military is the power, and thus the power behind governments/religions when the government/religion controls the military, otherwise, the military controls the government/religion)

  4. upper class (very rich/important people/professions, nobility/aristocrats/socialites, celebrities, movie-stars, entertainers, top singers/musicians, top artists/artisans, athletes, corporation creators/owners, top business leaders, top/elite lawyers, university professors, etc)

  5. middle-class ("decent/livable/comfortable wealth" peoples, commercial/industrial/agricultural/fishing owners, craftsmen, skilled workers, traders/merchants/etc, ship captains/owners, non-elite lawyers, etc important institutions/peoples, having to only work one job, either one parent works or both have to work)

  6. lower-class (very poor people, commercial/industrial/agricultural/fishing low-or-minimal paid and/or half-or-full time workers --- having to work 2-3 jobs, etc non-skilled labor/jobs/professions/peoples, servants, slaves, etc)

  7. criminals, sick/infected/diseased, crazy/insane/mad, violent/dangerous/offensive/abusive/controlling/domineering/agressive, psychopath/sociopath, weird/strange/bizarre/different/"black-sheep"/"not-like-me", homeless, non-social, prostitutes/whores, and the like. (Aka, basically: "undesirables", "in-humans/non-humans/sub-humans/scum/filth", etc)


  1. the-press/news/journalism

If you're concerned about institutions wielding excessive power and influence, it is the rise of unchecked global corporations and the plutocrat class (and their accompanying corruption of government and other institutions) that should be of utmost concern. This also directly contributes to the extreme and worsening skewed distribution of wealth and income throughout the world. This is a fundamental and core problem in human civilization, indirectly and insidiously causing other societal problems, but is largely unrecognized by the public.

@DCoder (and others):

This is also very true. There are some scary documentaries out there that address this issue. I won’t list them here but... well, I guess I would just use this opportunity to ask this small community to look into it and take it for how you make it. The scariest thing yet is that being able to change this seems impossible. Scary stuff.

“Global Oligarchy”
“Paradise Papers”

but is largely unrecognized by the public.

I’d be willing to bet that the public in the greatest industrialized countries (where I imagine most of us are from) are the most oblivious to this issue simply because we have enough and because we have enough, this huge problem goes on largely unchallenged. Could you image how this currently affects people in less privileged areas. Makes me sick.



Topic adjusted.

Wow! Talk about getting SPAMed.

Haha. This thread has provided me with all sorts of emotions. Thanks. :)

Good ones I hope? :)

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