COMMUNITY MADE GAME! (Everything Everywhere All At Once Spin-off)

If you haven't seen Everything Everywhere All At Once, it's a movie that explores the multiverse(for more context, look at the quote below).

I need YOU to help me write it.

All I need you to post is:
-Character's Special Attributes(s)
-Character's Special Ability(s)
-Super Random Action
-Consequence of Action

-Mariam deMok (AKA Librariam)
-Ninja by day, librarian by night
-Martial Arts Skills; Extensive knowledge of history and literature
-Tickle yourself


Hopefully, I should be able to collect a large database of these and compile them into a fully functioning Quest game.

If people want to go the extra mile, make a Quest game with your character going through any series of events in their world and post a link to it. The goal isn't to make it long, but to make it as fully fleshed out as possible. If you want to add characters, make sure you can talk to them(doesn't matter how. In a way, it adds to the whole idea of a multiverse).

The idea is to be able to make a game where the player feels as little limitation to the options given as possible. They should be able to do random things with appropriate consequences. And that can only be done with a lot of help.

Here's a synopsis of how people in the movie verse-jump.

"With the use of Alpha-Verse technology, people are able to verse-jump, but it’s not exactly how it sounds. Verse-jumping is the ability to tap into a doppelgänger’s consciousness from another parallel universe and take control of their mind for a short time. This is done without the other person realizing.
"The verse-jumpers have to find a way to slingshot their way across the multiverse and into whichever consciousness they need at the time of their jump. The Alpha-Verse technology calculates precisely what is needed; usually, the verse-jumper is required to do something fairly weird and ridiculous to accomplish it. A declaration of love to one’s enemy (said with feeling) or a sharp object being shoved up one’s butt are just a few of the strange situations the characters find themselves in."

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