Checking Myself


I am fit company for neither man, woman, nor beast, you guys and gals, and that is one of the main reasons I'm trying to stay offline.

You see, we're either living the beginning of a dystopian nightmare, or I'm completely crazy. For the sake of the world, I'm hoping it's the latter.

I wrote a lot more, but I just deleted it. (You're welcome.)

I sincerely apologize to anyone whom I may have offended while posting as RH or KV last night and this morning. I was argumentative at best, and that's just not cool.

Sorry about all that.

You are brave enough to be honest, which is pretty rare. But you are also brave enough to be honest about yourself. That is truly courageous. We all make mistakes, but only the best of us admit it and apologize.

”We all make mistakes...”

I don’t. I’m perfect. Just ask me.

I'm perfect, too!

In the sense that i ALWAYS make mistakes, LOL...

...oh wait!


How do you delete posts?!?!?!

some user on some other site has this amusing quote:

~ "I'm right 98% of the time, so who cares about the 2% of the time that I'm not right"

perfection is a single word oxymoron:

perfection itself is never actual perfection

actual perfection is balance, not perfection

The Sin/Fallacy/Danger of Pride:

everyone thinks they're always right and are always doing the right thing and always for the right reasons, from Hitler to Gandhi, everyone believes in themselves, their thoughts, and their actions.

Everyone needs to argue and/or get angry on occasions, everyone needs to get passionate every so often, it's just like having to piss, you need to let it out every now and then, lol

I don’t. I’m perfect. Just ask me. (XanMag)

lol... just like people (including me) saying... "I never tell a lie", hehe

In the sense that i ALWAYS make mistakes, LOL... (Jennifer Campbell)

To err (make mistakes), is to be human. Otherwise, that makes us... monsters. A person who never makes mistakes is a monster, hehe.

(oh, and don't try to say "you're a god/goddess", as gods/goddesses make/have-made mistakes all the time too! I can give a ton of examples if anyone needs them)

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