Move forum???

Given the high volume of SPAM this site is receiving, I would suggest that it is time this forum was moved back to a PHP style where more info shows per posting. Such as join date, number of posts, Date of first post, etc.

Then we may have a better view of who is likely to be a spammer and who is genuine.
I am sick of reading some of the tripe that is being posted here with absolutely no bearing to QUEST, SQUIFFY or any of their derivatives.
I haven't seen anything from The Pixie or Luis for some time and it is sad to see them disappear from this forum as was the case with Jay Nabonne who disappeared shortly after Alex. I thought HK had gone too but I saw a recent post from him so I guess he hasn't quite departed. (yet)
Recently XANMAG was bemoaning the apparent lack of moderators and game players/allocators. Perhaps he is the last man standing?

These are just my observations and may be far from the truth, but without anything else to go on, I may be right.

Even though I am not very active in the forum, I delete spam regularly. I am surprised that despite Captchas Bots can post their advertisement here.
Changing the forum would be a considerable effort, especially if you wanted to take over the whole content.

I must admit, I just get anxious whenever I glance at the github and see the last update to it was 8 months ago to fix a documentation error. Is Quest still being worked on?

Nothing was done for Quest 5. There is not much more you can do there, it is actually exhausted. Someone should have a look why the games run so slowly on the server, but for that nobody knows much about the server.
But The Pixie is working on his version of JS-Quest 6

Oh! That puts my mind to rest, phew.

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