Quest "file" command?

Is there one?
Now, for what I'm asking...
Is there a command in Quest that allows Quest to open and read, or write, local files?
Kinda like a save game command?
In Basic, I would...
To load player info...
Open "Player.txt" for input as #1
input #1, Player.Name
close #1
to save player info...
Open "Player.txt" for output as #2
print #2, Player.Name
close #2

Not to confuse this with "open door" and "close door"

Quest is intended to be a safe platform for games; you don't want there to be security issues where a game could read the player's private documents or send them somewhere. And determining what files a game is or is not allowed to read always ends up more complicated than you think. So the original developer decided it would be simpler to just not give games access to the filesystem.

Not to mention that a significant proportion of players are using the web player, so there are no local files for Quest to access.

Access to local files is purely through the built-in save system, which saves a copy of the game file modified to reflect the current state of objects and attributes.

If you really want to store data elsewhere, you could use javascript to connect to your own server and save data there.

Hello fellow Basic programmer!
@ Mrangel... Good point, hadn't thought about that issue...
But too bad about no file read/save command, there could be a good use for one...

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