Separation of Adult Material

I was hoping to find some way of setting options to avoid adult material appearing in the news feed (for younger players...and me!) but see no way of doing it. It looks as if there were thoughts, at some stage, about separation based on an age declaration but that appears to have been forgotten about. Views?

I sent a private message for you.


Thanks @manowar, I understand that if my age is over 18, any game classified as 'adult' will be shown. However, there are a couple of problems here. Firstly, with the way that games are classified. For example, a game can be a 'fantasy' OR 'work in progress' OR 'adult', when in reality all three may apply. Most of the games that I'm seeing are 'work in progress', with a description indicating that they are adult. A second problem is that I may be over 18 but still not want to see adult material so perhaps an additional adult tick box would be useful?

Surely, but currently the only way that these games are not shown is by eliminating the date of birth of the profile or by indicating it below 18 years. This should no longer appear for adult games, unless the cache of the site remains that may take a little time to show the change.

I'm going to write me the review of the adult content display to give it a review when I can.

On the other hand if with the date of birth disabled you find that it shows you adult content somewhere, please let me know.

Thank you.

I could not agree more. My news feed and game review section is littered, quite literally, with a rash of adult games that I never will have any interest in playing at any point, period. I know those who write and enjoy these spectacles will be offended by this, but aren’t there about a million ways to segment that seedy corner of text adventures world from the rest of the not-so-morally-questionable games? I’ve brought this up before. And, no, regardless of what it might sound like... I am definitely not a prude. I fact, I’m quite the opposite.

I’m a teacher and I would love to introduce students to computer programming/coding via Quest but the way it’s currently set up, that will never happen. Also, I’m hesitant to open it on my phone anywhere someone might be looking over my shoulder due to a lot of the cover images. I would love to introduce my kid to this but... well, you get the idea.

Anyway... I vote, and I know it won’t matter, to either:
A. Remove the content from normal view and only present it if the person requests it (I’m uncertain of the mechanics of this but it seems simple enough). Or,
B. Reroute all reviews and game listings for adult games to a separate website. This should be pretty easy to do.

I also realize that “adult” game listings have a wide range of definitions but I think it’s quite obvious which games would be inappropriate for a U-18 group.

Blah blah blah... 1st amendment rights... blah blah blah. I get it...

Thanks @XanMag, I'm sure we can come up with a proposal with a little thought. I've been trying to experiment to understand how things are at the moment but attempts to change my year of birth are failing! I set it to 1900 a while back and now can't budge it!

”I set it to 1900 a while back...”

^oldest text adventurer on record.

...perhaps someone should write a text adventure about that?

Although it may seem that no, I understand you perfectly. The idea of moving all that content to a new site exclusive of this type of material has been around for a few months now but the monetary cost of doing it right now I can not afford it because currently textadventures with their advertising just gives to be able to pay for the hosting of the site plus the game server hosting.

With all that, I will give a return to the matter I understand your problem and it seems to me that in fact it is necessary to give him a solution not taking too long.

Any suggestions will be analyzed when the time comes.


What's the problem when change your birthday date? I tried to chenge it and dont have problem.

@manowar, this is what happens:

Sorry, something went wrong

An error occurred while processing your request.

This has been logged, but it would be really helpful if you could let us know a bit more information about what you were doing - please contact us and we'll do our best to fix things.

I've tried logging out and back in, but still no luck with changing my year of birth away from 1900. Should I be able able to see an 'adult' link in the categories list on the right hand side of the home page? There is nothing there at the moment.

DavyB please try now to change your birthday date.

@manowar, still no luck but when I create a new account (SecondLife) all is fine. When I set the age to less than 18, anything classified as 'adult' is not shown. The problem with the site is that many adult games are being classified as 'work in progress' and so are appearing. I'll try to send a proposal for change later today for discussion.

I think it would be more useful if a game had a set of ticks to indicate that it contains sex/gore/profanity/religion/politics (possibly with a separate set of options to cover images and media; for the benefit of players who don't mind reading steamy prose but are worried about people looking over their shoulders at work). Then you could tick which ones you are willing to see; and have them pre-filtered based on age.

I think we may need more of a discussion of the problem, to establish principles, before getting too far into a detailed discussion of fixes. If I understand properly, those with admin rights to approve games can also classify them and hence put on an 'adult' label if appropriate. The issue seems to be that many if not most of the adult games that are appearing in the 'news feed' and 'last played' are 'work in progress' or 'sandpit' and so have not gone through a review process.

If so, then to restore the site to what was originally conceived, perhaps all 'work in progress' or 'sandpit' games should be treated if they 'might be adult'. That is, for those under 18 or not logged in, 'work in progress' and 'sandpit' games would not appear in the 'news feed' or last played' and the links to 'work in progress' and 'sandpit' games would not be shown in the side tabs.


In the meantime, can you just make your kids a new account?

Sorry @jmnevil54, there isn't a simple workaround for this issue. A new account with a profile age less than 18 or no account at all is currently displaying adult material. The problem is that there are adult games on the site that are not classified as 'adult'. This may not be the fault of the games developers. The problem can probably be traced back to the fix Alex made to allow games developers to classify their games as 'work in progress' as and so bypass the review process where an 'adult' tag would have been added.

In relation to my mention of 'principles', these are ideas that everyone might support, and so give guidance to the design of the site. For example,

  1. Every adult game on the site will be clearly marked that way.
  2. Adult games will only be displayed to those logged in.
  3. Adult games will not be displayed to those with a profile age less than 18.

The proposal I made yesterday hides adult material without developers having to do anything. It is, of course, heavy handed! A more refined approach would be:

  1. modify the game submission form to include a question on the suitability of the game for under 18s, setting the adult rating accordingly.
  2. for games that have been voluntarily added to 'work in progress' or the 'sandpit' since the submission form was introduced, make them all adult. With (1) in place, the developers can go in and indicate that their games are not adult if that is the case.

That would allow a player to set their age less than 18 to avoid all adult material. The final refinement (that I would suggest) is to have adult material excluded by default unless a player selects an option in their profile.
PS I still can't change my age in my main account?

Hey all :)

I know at the top of mine there is "Adult/Fantasy/RPG" even though the adult portion can be completely avoided. Adult in my case means it's an adventure for adults like Lord of the Rings quality with some potential adult content etc.

Such hate toward adult games ;.;


Such hate toward adult games ;.;

This is just about clearly classifying games and enabling adult material to be separated so that young people can use the site. Is that not what everyone wants?

It seems like the problem is that the 'Adult' category is merely one of the possible category choices and that only ONE can be selected. A separate function (someone mentioned a check-box that could be checked) to designate Adult/Explicit content in addition to the regular category would seem to be a simple solution.

Another problem here is that games are appeared in some places before they have been categorised. The list of similar games for example includes them. A partial solution wold be to exclude unlisted and uncategorised games from those lists.

It would be good to hear if any change is in the pipeline to address this issue? If no change is planned, or it might take some time, would it be possible for someone with admin access to go through the games that appear in the feed and manually tag them as 'adult'?

I can place games or change the placement of games if needed. Are you suggesting I go through the WIPs and change their placement to adult if the tag fits? Let me know exactly what you mean and I’d be glad to do a little reorganizing.

Also, keep in mind please, that I hate (really on every level) adult text games and play testing them would be painful for me. An alternative is to PM me names of games as you come across that need recatergorized and I’d be glad to do it.

Can a game be both adult and uncategorised? I appreciate that may not make sense in English, but if categorised is a Boolean/flag, then it would be possible.

Thanks XanMag. The fundamental issue here is that all games need to be classified as adult/non adult before any separation is possible. One solution is to assume that all games that have not gone through a review (where the 'adult' tag might be added) are potentially adult and so should not be shown to anyone under 18. Anyone unhappy with this rule can always submit their game for formal review. Luis, are there any implementation issues with this idea?

If a quick implementation fix is not possible then a quick reviewing process would at least be a step in the right direction. Some authors of WIP games openly say that their game is for adults so there is no problem there. Also, some games are clearly for adults because of the topic and that is visible in the game description, without playing it. I'm happy to report (through PMs) any adult game that reaches me (Luis has set my age to 1/Jan/2018, with no ability to change it!).

Assuming all WIP games are 'adult' would, however, seem to be a better (simpler, more efficient, more effective) way to go, though it does need an implementation change.

I think maybe it would be better to have an adult flag with a setting of adult/non-adult/unknown; with both "adult" and "unknown" hidden from younger users. If a game is set to "unknown", maybe give the creator a prompt to change it when they next login, so that the mods only need to review games that are active after the creator has departed.

Or even have separate flags for "adult:sex / adult:gore / adult:horror / adult:images / age-unrated"; let users select a flag or combination to hide when browsing (and hide all flagged games for minors). Then any creator who's still active on the site might get a notification about their unrated games, and could swap the unrated flag for a more appropriate one, or remove it to confirm that the game doesn't contain adult themes.

With four games of the top five games in my news feed currently 'adult' (they all say they are 18+), despite my apparent age being well below 18, I feel I need to keep this topic alive!

Is someone thinking about doing something? ...or does no one feel that have the authority/desire to address this problem?

It's not likely to go away if ignored and is so dominant it makes the whole site feel 'adult'.

I don't think this site is an adult site, and I don't think it's as much of a problem as you say it is. I admit something needs to be done. But there are 'adult' games on any gaming website or platform. What is the youngest that a person on here would be anyway? I don't know. This is a text adventure/reading website, it would be extremely boring for children.

When I first registered for Quest I was occcasionally aware of discussion about support for adult games but didn't see any of them as my date of birth was unset by default. i.e. I would effectively have to register to find adult games. I would like a return to that position.

I admit something needs to be done.

Good, let's get on with that. The problem is that not all games that are 'adult' are classified that way, especially those that are 'work in progress'. I'm easy about how this problem is solved and happy to help with game classification if that would be useful.

This is a text adventure/reading website, it would be extremely boring for children.

I'm hoping this is not true of all under 18s.

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