I think I found a glitch!

I think this is intentional design and not something I broke. I have a command called Place, with a pattern of place #object1# on #object2#. I also have a printed message that says msg ("You place " + object1 + " on " + object2 + "!")!
It prints this:

You place an Obect: Toy on Object: Lunar Pedestal!

That's not a glitch.

object1 and object2 are objects, not strings. If you use an object as a string, you get "Object: " followed by the name of the object.

In this case you don't want to print the whole object, you just want to print its name.

So your line should be:

msg ("You place " + GetDisplayName (object1) + " on " + GetDisplayName (object2) + "!")

Okay, fine.

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