Ethos, Pathos, and Logos


Read this.

Connect the dots.

Ethos is really more sympathy building, if you practice it. Logos is rarely truely used and "show me the statistics" is used online instead. Pathos is used in its true form but I don't like Pathos, it gives authorities too much trust. Do I trust authorities too much? Possibly, but I trust them less then the average person.

just a post on "authorities", there's no such thing, yet we have the behavior of believing that there is...

"I was just doing what I was told, even though I have a brain, I'm not responsible for deciding to do what I did, I was just doing my job, as I was told to do! I'm just merely following someone else's orders, as it's so much easier to be follower than having to think about what is right and wrong, and taking the courage/bravery, and sadly risk, to do what is right, to be the lone hero in our evil society, despite everyone else and all of evil society demanding you to follow their lead, doing what isn't right, as good nails sticking out in evil society get pounded back into place"

some sicko claimed to be a police man (an "authority") and the store manager (and her/his spouse too) did whatever they said... striping a young female employee and doing other sexual assualt/perversions with her, as the "authority / police officer" said.

the point is NOT that some sicko was criminally impersonality a police officer, as this could just as well been an actual police officer too. There's no such thing as authorities (government and/or private profession), don't fall into the "trust the authority" human behavior stupidity/fallacy krap.

Use your brain, that's what it's fkn there for, being lazy and just "taking orders" (being a follower), is no excuse for the acts that you DECIDE to do. Everyone is a "leader", as everyone has a brain, and thus everyone has responsibility, there's no excuse for being a follower, "just taking orders", as some kind of delusional excuse for your decisions (in "taking those orders" and in YOU carrying out their actions).

since when does an "authority" have monopoly on right and wrong? Only a cop, a doctor, a teacher, a parent, etc "authorities", are capable of knowing right from wrong, and everyone else is criminally insane (not knowing right from wrong)? Really, wrong and wrong being a monopoly by the "authorities" only... ya... have we become stupid. Everyone knows right from wrong, a mere social role in society doesn't make you superior to eveyone else in having the sole monopoly on what is right and wrong.


unbeknown to most people sadly, doctors and scientists have spent 70 years trying to bury this fact, and they've succeeded too, as scientists, and especially doctors, again have our absolute trust... as our "most trusted authorities"... A scientist, and especially a doctor, of course they have our best interests, wanting to save lives and help people have better lives.... ya, like the HOLOCAUST?

one of my favorite doctor's of all time, lol: as a dentist, breast fondling/squeezing, err messages, on female patients, help relax them and relieve pain and discomfort with dentistry work, it's a well known medical practice of dentistry! lol, my kind of dentist! (just in how us males think, lol). HK is completely kidding... it's funny, but it's still horrible crime (sexual assault) of course:

(and then we also got that olympic doctor too... sexually assaulting female olympians and college athletes, somewhat recently on tv too)

"I'm a fkn doctor, I can rape/sexually-assault all I want! damit!"

(and worst crime of all, WE LET THEM, as they're "our authorities". Who the f'k are you to question a doctor! nobody! he's a fkn doctor, his word is god! sadly this is 99% of humanity's behaviorism)

One should be even less trusting and more sceptical of "authorities", compared to non-"authorities", as "authorities" DO have actual POWER (governmental power of force/lethal-force, and/or societal power, who's going to be believed and get away with doing bad things to people: a rich/respected lawyer, doctor, scientist, teacher, parent, celebrity, clergy, cop, media companies and their media shows/sites, and etc high-skillled-professionals and other "authorities", or a homeless guy on the street?)

Ethos, Pathos, and Logos are methods of influence used to persuade groups of onlookers. They are additionally alluded to as the three aesthetic confirmations (Aristotle instituted the terms), and are altogether spoken to by Greek words.

Ethos or the moral interest, intends to persuade a group of people of the creator's validity or character.

A creator would utilize ethos to show to his gathering of people that he is a believable source and merits tuning in to. Ethos is the Greek word for "character." "ethic" is gotten from ethos.

Ethos can be produced by picking dialect that is suitable for the gathering of people and theme (likewise implies picking legitimate level of vocabulary), influencing yourself to sound reasonable or unprejudiced, presenting your ability or family, and by utilizing right language structure and punctuation.

Feeling or the enthusiastic interest, intends to influence a crowd of people by engaging their feelings.

Creators utilize tenderness to summon sensitivity from a group of people; to influence the gathering of people to feel what the creator needs them to feel. A typical utilization of sentiment is draw feel sorry for from a group of people. Another utilization of poignancy is rouse outrage from a group of people; maybe so as to provoke activity. Tenderness is the Greek word for both "enduring" and "experience." The words sympathy and pitiful are gotten from sentiment.

Feeling can be produced by utilizing important dialect, passionate tone, feeling summoning cases, stories of enthusiastic occasions, and suggested implications.

Logos or the interest to rationale, intends to persuade a crowd of people by utilization of rationale or reason.

To utilize logos is refer to realities and measurements, chronicled and exacting analogies, and refering to specific experts on a subject.Logos is the Greek word for "word," anyway the genuine definition goes past that, and can be most firmly portrayed as "the word or that by which the internal idea is communicated, Lat. oratio; and, the internal idea itself, Lat. Proportion. (1) "rationale" is gotten from logos.

Logos can be produced by utilizing progressed, hypothetical or theoretical dialect, refering to realities (critical), utilizing authentic and strict analogies, and by building sensible contentions.


"Under the spreading chestnut tree
 I sold you and you sold me:
 There lie they, and here lie we
 Under the spreading chestnut tree."

  - from 1984 by George Orwell

Crazy question:

Is the "spreading chestnut tree" the internet?

Nope. It’s a society. My opinion.


It’s a society.

Exactly. The internet is a major part of our society, and it's a "free" part of society.

"Free" in the sense that we only need to share our thoughts, curiosities, desires, and contacts lists with an unknown number of anonymous people to be a part of it.

"I sold you, and you sold me."

NOTE TO ANY 1984 AFICIONADOS: We know that The Chestnut Tree is a café in the book. We are speaking all metaphorically and stuff.

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