Is it bad form?

Is it bad form here to create a gamebook/storygame using Quest and NOT Squiffy? It seems when I read over the forums this practice is discouraged. Is the feature eventually going to be cut from Quest, or is this to give Squiffy a push? Being new here, I was just curious...

Thanks for the replies in advance! :)

I think the difference is:

if you're more of a writer/author (want to make a game/CYOA that focuses heavily/entirely on story/plot/etc) and not a coder, use Squiffy

if you want to still do a CYOA while being able to do some coding of cool stuff (usually light RPG stuff: light stats/etc) yourself, use Game Book

if you want to code your own whatever type of fancy-features (usually RPG type of games: heavy stats/mechanics/etc coding stuff) game, use Text Adventure

If you want to do complex stuff, do a text adventure in Quest, and make it look like a game book, because Quest has a proper world model that already has interactions with rooms and object built in.

Otherwise, Quest is really a sledgehammer to crack a nut. Game book removes all the things that give Quest an advantage. For CYOA, Squiffy is the better option because it has way better documentation, Squiffy games can be played in any browser (no need for a specialised web player or download), if you do do coding, you will be learning JavaScript, which is a very common language. There is no reason to drop gamebooks, but that side of Quest will not be updated in the future.

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