Autism parent and game coder

Greets. I'm an old school DM. I do this to help my sons on the Autism Spectrum: I write code for medieval fantasy as a hobby (been a D&D DM for years), but I'm also a writer and merged the two (like a MUD or Text based RPG): collaborating medieval fantasy character building while writing asynchronously with other writers, is it possible? Can you alter a medieval fantasy story made for everyone? Do it on your laptop or mobile anytime without having to install an app for free? Yes, you can do all: There are lots of videos there that explain everything. Looking for writers to come on board and help build the world!

I have autism, but I am not a programmer. As you can tell, the forum likes helping some people out, but hates commercials/ads.

Most of those who traverse and contribute to it are on the spectrum so it makes for interesting ideas and input.

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