Aussie Stereotyping

G'day mate.

Am I the only person in the world that actually gets annoyed and the australian stereotyping?

I'm australian, and I can honestly say I've nevee met a single person that talks like the stereotype.
What's even worse is that silly conspiracy theory that australia isn't real. That's some american thing, and it really is quites stupid. But the conspiracy theorists would just say that I'm a payed actor.

Anyway, just though I'd throw this out there.

Okay. I've never met an Australian person, so this is person.

Americans have all types of people; country, city, San Francisco, New York, and so on. We have stereotypes too. I suspect the Australian stereotypes had to have been based on something.

I find taking stereotyping as generalized offensive somewhat extreme. Of course it can get annoying, but most of the time, it's done because either don't know better, or want to poke harmless fun at others.

I'm german, and thusly not exactly gifted with the best stereotypes in the world. You either must grow a thick skin when confronted with them, or consider them as a persiflage of your culture. If you can laugh at yourself, that's a healthy bit of self-reflection.

And considering conspiracy theories... i never heard of that one, but there might be an "X isn't real" theory for just about everything in existence. Finland has one too. The tough that 99.9% of people aren't complete imbeciles might cheer you up.

I don't get offended by it, it just gets rather annoying because if you're talking to anyone that's never been to australia, 9 times out of ten they'll say "oh, is that the place that's all desert and no trees".

I kind of fimd it funny that people believe stereotypes are correct.

But probably the silliest conspiracy theory I've ever seen is an 'oxyegen isn't real' theory.

Think about that one.

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