Suggestions for Editors Pick and Classic Games

Someone pointed out that these have not changed in a long time. I think I know how to update, though I will not be sure until I try it.

So what do people suggest should be up there?

Citizen of Nowhere is not a Quest game (it's an Inform 7 game), but it was written by NecroDeath (he wrote every one of his previous games with Quest). It's a good game, and its play count is impressively higher ever time I look at it. (I am admittedly biased, as I am friends with this author.)

I couldn't get into the other two games under "Editor's Picks".

I vote Citizen of Nowhere remains there, unless, of course, the editor has another game in mind, in which case I wouldn't cry or complain or anything. :)

I also vote that the first Xanadu game is added to "Editor's Picks". It's pretty good, and it's actually a Quest game. (I am admittedly biased, as I am friends with this author, too.)

Detectiveland is not a classic game. It came out in 2016. It may be in the style of the classic games (sort of), but it's definitely not a classic. (Note that I did enjoy it somewhat. It was well made. Just not an actual classic.)

Neither is Galatea. Although it was released in 2000, I wouldn't call it a classic (no offense to Emily Short, who is a very awesome person). First, I was raised to believe something has to be at least twenty-five years old to be considered a classic (or an antique). Second, all you do in the game is talk to a statue. It is cool, but it is not very much of an adventure.

Zork is definitely a classic, but the link needs to be fixed so people can save and restore their progress in that Parchment version of it.

As it stands, clicking "Play online" opens a page with the game loaded in an iframe, which messes up the way saving and restoring works when playing games using Parchment.

Clicking "Play online" should really take the player to this link:

Note that the player would still need to copy the URL after saving and paste that in to restore (alternatively, they could bookmark it), but that's just because of Parchment's crappy save feature. It is better than not being able to save and restore Zork at all, though!

... but I guess the whole point is that the games are hosted on this site.

Hrmm... Well, I vote Zork stays. Even with the saving and restoring issue, it still has 1,170,346 plays. I mean, that's pretty impressive; right?


I guess we can't use my definition of "classic". Nothing made after 1996 would be allowed if we did!

(I know, I know. I'm not very much help, but I try!)

Would Moquette count as a Classic Quest game?

I LOVE this thread. I will think about it and edit this post in the near future!

Also, thanks KV.

Also, thanks KV.

Just be thankful your game is good. Otherwise, I'd vote for a "WarriorCats Eat Tiny Xan and Spill All His Beer" game.


What about the old Quest games, written in the earlier versions of Quest?

Are any of those worth listing under "Classic Games"?

It seems like I played them (there was a list of good ones somewhere), and the only one I remember at all was about a haunted house, I think?

Perhaps the "Editors Pick and Classic Games" sections could be used to promote Quest and Squiffy games?

From KV's comments, a 'classic' Quest game on this site is The Mansion ( by Nick Dablin, implemented in Quest 3 and uploaded in 2004.

Perhaps "Editors Pick" could be driven by those who approve games? ...passing details of any impressive games they process to the Editor (The Pixie)? i.e. this section would highlight new games. I've liked Quest for the Serpent's Eye (, which was out earlier this year, and updated just this month. I also enjoyed The kidnap of Ruby O'Hara (, which was out in March.

To avoid heated debates, perhaps the "Editors Pick and Classic Games" sections could be lists, with a 'see all' link to reveal the history of everything added to those sections.

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