Is is possible to embed my game locally on my wordpress site?

I have a wordpress stand alone site that I'd like to export my game to. Is it possible?

It depends on your game.

If you're using Quest, there are three obvious methods:

  • Put your published game file on your site.
    Pros: Easy
    Cons: Visitors will need to install Quest in order to play it.

  • Host the game here, and include it in an iframe on your own site.
    Pros: Relatively easy. If you link to the game directly, visitors don't need to know they're getting content from another site.
    Cons: If the server has stability issues it will make your game unresponsive. If you link directly, it won't be possible to resume a saved game.

  • Install Quest on your own server.
    Pros: Players don't have to leave your site. When a new version of Quest is released, you can test that it works properly with your game before upgrading the server.
    Cons: Probably needs a dedicated Windows server, which is likely expensive. The server side code isn't extensively documented, and I've heard that it's difficult to install and maintain.

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