Downloading gamebooks

I didn't know where to ask about this so I decided to ask here, since this is general discussion, not anything in specific. Anyway, is there a way to download gamebooks, specifically ones you didn't create, on a mobile device? There's one I really love and that runtime error thing freaked me out so I'm trying to find a way to download it so I'll no longer have to worry about that, and this may be pushing it but maybe even play it offline?

Squiffy gamebooks are just html pages, so (on Android) you can just go to the game, press the three dots and then the download button.

Thank you, for me the download button is on the search bar, and I do have an important question. If I download a gamebook that way, will it continue to work even after the eventual time this website is no more? If not, your help is appreciated, but I would like to be able to download it in a way I can play it for the rest of my lifespan if this website stops working within it. And I constantly forget that the wayback machine exists, so that's not the most ideal option. Either way, I do appreciate your help!

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