Why is the newest version of Quest's publisher unknown?

There is also a link, but it does nothing for the publisher's certificate as well. I have been using Quest off and on for a while now. I always tell people who like to read or ever wanted to make a video game to try Quest. I decided to try the newest version, but it says the publisher is unknown. Did it expire or something? Why has that not been updated? Some people may not download if it is not up to date and could hurt or lose potential fans/creators/players, etc.

The way a publisher gets a certificate has become much more complicated and expensive than it used to be. To give an illustration, one site I started to go through the process said:

To validate your account details please provide face to face documents signed by registered attorney or certified public accountant or licensed notary.
To resolve this issue please register your company with Dun and Bradstreet and make sure your phone number is included in your DUNS information.

There is also a charge (besides the cost of above) of 85 euros on the one I looked at. It is become something individuals really cannot do.

A shame, but understandable.

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