How often are Game libraries and coding sorted for relevance?

Hi all,

I ask this because the game I had been working on would not play until I did away with the offending elements which was coding that a fellow forum goer gave to me when I needed it. It had worked great until that next (major?) update.

So does anyone keep track with the archive or list of commands to do away with those unusable and obsolete, while at the same time replacing with what actually works in it's current form? And how often do these updates create more problems then they solve?

I myself am about to delve deep in this pool of information. I just do not want to get distracted by stuff irrelevant and then grow tired of wading and end up drowning... I am sure some others feel that way as well.

With regards to Quest:

When an update comes out, I try to update the docs to reflect the changes (the "User contributed guides" may well be out of date however).

Updates are generally backwards compatible (off-hand, the only exception I can thing of is how string lists are stored, around version 5.3), so usually older libraries will still work, but that is not always the case, and if the library was donated by a user, it may well not get updated, especially as users drift away from Quest. That said, as far as I know all the libraries linked from the docs work with Quest 5.8.

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