Anybody wanna play a multiplayer game with me?

Hello everybody, I just found a really nice multiplayer text adventure game called Genesis MUD and I was wondering if anybody else was playing it and wanted to play with me? If you want to, I will be (sometimes) playing at 3:00-4:00 on Fridays, so if anybody wants to play with me, just search “Genesis MUD” on your web browser, and you can play it online or download the app. My in-game character is an elf named Exellinor. Please reply and tell me if you want to.

oh no. i wrote a long mesage saying I would, but it hasn't been sent. I was using tohose stupid miniutare painsting specs as I left my reading my ones up the other house. I tore my tendon and also got cellulitus, so I am holed up here in agaony. I am sorry if nobody can underwstand my nessage, Email me at : [email protected]. I used to write some freelance articles fo dragon, about 10 years ago, when Wil Wheaton did wil saves, I've some big news and wan my felow peer's pinion first.

Anyway, feel free to drop mee a line for a vlether.
I'm usually much more sesnse than this. Also are there any quick free to play rpg;d. I feel DD Beynod whilsy being a reat system, has too much builk to get started. I mrsn, ig you prepared for weeks then fair weeks. \there must be something simple system. \\\where an experienced Dm, I just turned 46. just give you sll sn ezxiting game, no mstter the systrm.

Dont worry, oncce I get my glasses, you'll havr a fair friend, and an award winning into

Hello, Majestico, I feel your pain. I have glasses too and have lost them several times. The link is genesismud. org/play/ (I don't know how to make a link). 😸

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