News story/article, text is keeping kids from coding

I thought this would be an interesting article for some.
...Although I realize this couldn't (maybe...) be used here, since the site is called 'text' adventures...

I find this somewhat interesting, since I learn code best by 'feel', seeing it in action. After eighth grade, I took a summer coding class that was a lot like this, although it used text, called 'Scratch'. (A program from Taylor.) The class cost around $90.00 (if I did the math right, 70 pounds, a lot, but not if you consider it's technically a college course) and children grades 1-8 were allowed to join, or whatever the term is.

We are replacing The Pixie, Adam, and the rest of the admin with 5 year olds... Lol.

With the way computer tech, and the programming field is...
The youngsters have all the advantage...

Understanding complex things is all about 'envisioning'.

I envision code as a schematic.

The IF...THEN... statements are the switches (or relays or contactors).

A friend of mine says he thinks of it (or envisions it) as a road map, with tollbooths and bridges (some of which are broken).

Another guy says he can't code without making an outline of what he wants to do first.

One thing that's VERY nice is the ability to see a working example of something, especially where code is concerned.

It looks like DragonBox Algebra just uses digital visual examples instead of real-world examples, which seems to work quite well. (My math teacher taught us about fractions with actual pies, though... If you didn't get your answers right, you received no slice of pie! We had fractions down pat on day two!)

I may check out SpriteBox myself! (I downloaded Unity, but never really got anywhere with it.)

Quest 5.7 is sort of the SpriteBox of text adventures already. (As you say, text is what it's all about!)

You don't really have to code anything that's standard/basic to text adventures...

It's when we start getting creative... That's when we have to learn to code to pull something off in Quest!

Nice post, jmnevil54!

...Although I realize this couldn't (maybe...) be used here, since the site is called 'text' adventures...

In fact this is what Quest does (as KV says). It allows you to create games without seeing the scary code.

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