Name for my Game?

Finally! My game 'The United States of Zombies' Really good game btw is getting a update. I'm probably going to publish a new one, so everyone can see it. It's halfway through production, and suddenly I feel that the name is too weird.

So, I'm gonna need a few ideas for the name. Here a brief overview, enjoy-

So, you're Sean. A 20 year-old human. You're currently working in charge of the deliveries in "Old MacDonald's Kitchen", a fast food chain.

Suddenly, late at night a virus scientifically known as the Necroliosis Virus mutated. Causing every affected person to become the "Living Dead" or Zombies.

You and your surviving friends venture out into the peri-apocalyptic world.

You might survive or die, all depending on your choices.

This is very long, and I mean it. It's kinda like a novel, with choices.


P.S, if I update my game, will it show up on the latest games section or will I have to publish a new one so everyone can see?


You don't need to publish a new game. Just change its access rights so everyone can see it.

If you have the creative ability to write a game, you probably have the ability to dream up a reasonable title! Happy to offer a suggestion, however. As zombies, food and humour are involved what about "Deadpan"? Is there a prize? :)

How do you change the games access rights so everyone can see it? I'm new to Quest!

I may have the ability to write a amazing game, but I'm sure, I still won't be able to name even my child. I think I'll post a forum titled, "Name for my child? He's a boy!". lol.

"Deadpan" seems good. Though, I'll need a few more options!

Is it United States of Zombies? That sounds like a good name.

United Zombies of America?

United ZOMBIES of America?

Lol, idk.

United States of Azombica!

HA! These are funny! But, I need something a bit different than my original name.


not sure if technically 'ghouls' are 'zombies' ... but usually in rpgs, a 'ghoul' is a 'zombie'

UniteDead Slaves of Amerzombica!

Deadpan: United Zombies of Azombia!

It's A World of Zombies Now

Undead Country

Another Freaking Apocalypse Game

Those are some names I might choose.

P.S. I like your story! It's cool, and I'll probably write a review for it soon...


Fast Food and Zombies

(This is not as good as Deadpan.)

Nice, got a lot of ideas, I am thinking maybe. Honey I ate the Kids, or something?

MythicalFlyingTurtle, sure I'll check your game out. Also, my reviews aren't mostly bad, so I'm sorry if I say something negative.

Steamed cheese zombie.
A zombie just ate my burger.
How I learned to stop worrying and love the zombies.
100% dead bovine steak.
Sean delivers, zombie not pay.
Caution: may contain human meat.

And all sorts of puns around the idea of fast food and zombies. And remember, folks: if a zombie eats your brain, delivery is free!

'Honey, I ate the kids', haha haha, that's a good one! (play on the old 'honey, I, shrunk / blew-up, the kids' movies, for us older timers, lol)

Miguel Ángel Cabo Galguera, 'Sean deliver, zombie not pay', seems like a good one. I think I'll have to choose between mine and yours. If anyone has any other ideas, feel free to post them here.

Someone please explain "Sean delivers, zombie not pay." to me. Is it a movie reference?

if it is, I'd like to know which movie it references!

Not really, it was just a random sentence that popped into my head. I was just toying around with zombie and food puns while I was waiting for my pizza to be delivered and I couldn't help myself :P

it's... the 'PSA-Virus!' ('PSA' for Pizza), lol. This special pizza... turns you into the undead/zombie, lol

wait is pizza pronunced with a 'z' or a 's'... hmm...



hmm... I think it's an 'S'... usually how I say/prununce pizza.. lol.

Actually... I kinda combine the 'S' and 'Z'... when I say pizza, it's not quite a 'S' sound, nor a 'Z' sound, but a blend of them, lol

never really payed attention to how I and others pronunce pizza, lol

(this is a very important question for HK, as he loves his pizza, so he's got to figure out how it's commonly pronounced, lol!)

I pronounce it "peetsa" personally.

ya, that sounds like how 'pizza' sounds, lol. putting that 'T' in, does make it sound like 'pizza', lol.

After all these years of eating and saying 'pizza', this is my first time actually paying attention to how I've pronounced it (many different ways, lol) and others have (many different ways), lol. Never realized there's so many subtle ways of pronouncing 'pizza', lol.

I think this is how I pronounce pizza:

peeT-SzA // the 'z' being a very subtle/soft/light 'z' sound (can just barely hear it)

thanks for the post about the 'T'... didn't realize that I do pronounce it with a 'T' in it, lol.

How ‘bout “Za’ Virus”? Cuz pizza, and za’ and viruses?

Guess, I’m gonna need to create a new forum titled, “How do YOU pronounce ‘pizza’?”.

I’m gonna get a lot of recognition!! lol

I personally used to call it Peezaa but recently I changed to Peetsza, just like ya’ll!

Didn’t know pizzas were the new trend!

Also, I’m a bit confused on Deadpan. Do you mean a Cooking Pan which is dead? Or something else!? Please do explain it to me!

Google 'deadpan' and if you are still confused I'll spell it out...

Oh, seems like I was never told about this amazing word!

Oh, seems like I was never told about this amazing word!

...glad I brought it to your attention!

You are welcome

Thank you, to everyone who took part in this Post and helped me out using 'Brain Cells'. I am very grateful to your help provided over the span of 31 days. I have chosen a few names for my game, but as I have told before it is still in the making.

As for the reward for the Participators you will get the latest updates about my game, and/or, any other games I release. You will be the lucky few to get a Update Date and Link to the game directly to your '' account! (the mail sign on the top)

Thank you, once again for your support, and I hope to finish my game soon!

Have a great Summer/Winter!

For your next project here's a little tip. Name your game after your main character and then add a short description as the under title. It always works for me :D
(My game is called "BRO the Youtuber - the extraordinarily stupid tale of a former content chaser")

(( In all fairness: I guess this tip is only valid if you don't care whether your game will be taken seriously or not.))

(( I do... so maybe I need to change the name of my game. ))

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