How come the Orig. Posts on "How to 'SAVE'/'RESTORE' Zork get closed with no resoluton?


Just as posted by the other 2 original posters i am also not able to Save and/or Restore any progress in the Zork I game.
Without further instruction that actually works i can, sadly, no longer afford to play it.
Could someone/anyone PLEASE help? I have played this game in the past .... it is great ... i loved it and wish to play extensively again, but per above, now can not.

  • Many thanks.

There was a question quite some time ago which got a correct answer. If I remember correctly, you need to use the in-game "save" function and then copy the URI from your browser's address bar. It will contain an encoded save game; so if you visit that address again you will be able to restore.

That post is one that is frequently reposted by spambots. They basically post a copy of a moderately popular post from a year before, and then once it stops getting answers and nobody's checking it, they edit the post to be a bunch of links, making it look to Google's indexers that the members of this site would recommend their scam sites.
The mods have gotten used to recognising the exact same post made by bots every couple of weeks, and will delete them on sight.


Thank you; however, it does not work (as is was also posted by another person or persons).
More specifically and consistent with the other person or persons post(s), the URI does not change following pressing "the in-game 'SAVE' function."


No response 'heard.'
Later Gator.

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