Other games like this...

I came here via a game, and I like to find more.. I try to find more with that theme.. but I find it a bit hard to navigate the site in search for specific games
perhaps someone can help me..

The game that led me here was Earthbound

I am looking for more games like this, involving bondage and pictures... but couldnt find any so far that are not from the same author :(

I think the problem is likely that those games are usually unlisted.

The creator has made the game unlisted so it can't be found through this site; the only way to reach it is through a link posted elsewhere. I assume there's a forum somewhere more closely associated with the game's subject matter. In which case, if other people have made similar games they're likely to be posted there in the same way.

Sadly, the people who create those kind of games don't interact much on the forums here, instead keeping their attention on interaction elsewhere.

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