Help please

hey guys i'm new i keep trying but I'm having issues. I'm new to this whole making a game thing. I need help I'm trying to create well an adult game.

Ok ive gotten some stuff so far but other are turning out be a pain.

Ok so first thing i need help is im trying to add objects like piece of wood into room that i called alley. however it shows up as soon as i enter room I want to pick it up when i need to search for it not before

Second my first multiple choice scene im trying to make a choice piece of wood or fight with you bare hands kinda of situation. but fight only seems to work if i add it as an object but id rather add fight as just an expressions but i cant figure out how to add them.

Third and finally thing after i picked up piece of wood grabbed body and tried to take it back to my bed room. I set body to give and had a whole next plot written out but the bed even set to give does nothing what did i do wrong. basically im trying to pick up body return home place it on my bed to continue story.

sorry if this seems like newb question but I've only been doing this 6 8 hours tops and to be honest i really wanna do this but getting frustrated.

There are tutorials.

Regular online tutorial, the most used


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