Unfair Reviews

Can I give a shout-out to reviewers who unfairly give low star reviews on games that 'freeze' or fail to load. If your computer is slow for some reason then it's bound to cause issues when playing online. Try offline.

Be fair on your reviews, concentrate on the story and puzzles and forget how your inadequate computer affects the game-play, thanks.

Rant over!

If you're playing online, it's not your computer being inadequate; it's either the server, or your net connection.

In either case, still not the game's fault.

Would it be useful to offer guidance notes on reviewing at the point of submission? Apart from technical failure, there seem to be other points to make.

For example, it also feels unfair to score a game after playing for just a few minutes. Perhaps reviews should be based on completing most if not all of a game (like a film review), with comments used for any shorter form of play?

Most negative reviews I've found come from people who really have only scratched the surface of a game. Like they may say "Why doesn't have this?" when in fact it is already there but they did not bother to look.

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